The Ultimate Apps All Business Owners Need

If you own your own business, then you are well aware of the value of time. If you’re not careful, you can lose entire days to problem solving or record keeping. The more you can simplify these time consuming tasks, the more you can devote your time to the thing that matters: growing your business.

Here are the ultimate apps all business owners need


Money Matters


1. Expensify

Unless you’re a travelling accountant, you probably don’t enjoy tracking all of your expenses on a trip. Expensify makes it easy by tracking your mileage, uploading photos of your receipts and submitting digital expense reports with the touch of a button.

2. Square

You can now start accepting payments from anyone with a credit card, right on your smartphone or tablet. Square comes with a complimentary card reader that receives payment right into the app and even emails a receipt.


Get Organized




1. Evernote

Never lose a good idea to a busy schedule again. You can jot down ideas, record voice memos and even take pictures of things that interest you. All the information syncs securely in the cloud and is accessible from any device. You can even use the search feature to pull up old notes or the text visible in that picture you took.

2. Neverlate

Perfect for your hectic schedule. Neverlate tracks all your meetings and reminds you about them ahead of time, it even monitors traffic and tells you when you need to leave to be on time. As if that wasn’t enough, it also can sync with your Evernote account so that necessary notes and information are ready and accessible whenever you get there.

3. Asana

Project management in the cloud. Where before, you might need to coordinate with your various team members via email, require excessive confirmations and still expect miscommunications and junk mail filters to get in your way. Asana is based in the cloud, and allows you to manage your team, assign tasks, communicate in real time and maintain a higher level of organization from a centralized source. It is free for teams up to 30 people.


Travel Tools




1. Tripit

Tripit keeps all your travel information in one single location. Not just your flights, but even directions to the airport and what the weather is like where you are and where you’re going. You can even reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, or tickets to that hot new show.

2. Skype

You need to stay in touch, even when you’re travelling internationally. Skype offers free WiFi video calling from your smartphone or tablet. You can even do audio only or instant message chats if needed. Eliminate those roaming data charges on your phone by using Skype for communication while on the go.


Personal Touch




1. HootSuite

You know that your virtual presence is important for your business, but it can be difficult to manage all the different social media outlets. HootSuite manages all of your social media accounts in one place. You can even schedule posts at a later date when you’ll be busy or travelling. Responses can be delegated to a team member, and you can even track your analytics from within the app. Simplify your social media efforts while expanding your virtual presence.

2. Shopify

The point of sale app from Shopify allows you to take your business anywhere you have an iPad. You can carry your digital inventory with, take and process orders, even store your customer information. It offers a complete hardware setup to help you get the most of the the app.

3. Pramata

Contracts can be tricky business, with all the legalese and endless clauses. Pramata is contract management program that cuts through the complicated to help you understand the information in major contracts, acquisitions and regulations. It provides risk assessments for your business, allowing you to spend your time and resources on other things instead of spending hours reading documents. Its cost scales to the size of your business.

Anything that saves you time, saves you money. Your business matters and it deserves the extra time and organization that these apps can provide to you and your team.


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