5 Proven Types of Social Media Videos That Should Be Staple Content

Video is without a doubt the most engaging type of content on social media and generates 1,200% more shares than text and images put together. That may sound staggering but it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering users watch hundreds of millions of hours of video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social platforms.
If you want to create and share videos on social media, however, the question that you’re probably mulling over is: What type of videos are best? To be honest there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ answer to that, as different demographics of viewers prefer different types of videos.
That being said below are five types of social media videos that should be staple content and have been proven to draw lots of viewers.


5 Types of Social Media Videos That Should Be Staple Content


1. Explainer Videos

Odds are you’ve watched quite a number of explainer videos yourself and they essentially consist of any sort of ‘how to’ guide or tutorial or videos that explain a topic or concept.
Due to their very nature, explainer videos are invaluable to viewers and provide useful and actionable information about topics that they are interested in. More importantly, they are far more effective than articles containing text and image as they’re able to show people what to do.
Explainer videos can help to position you as an authority in that your field and a trusted resource of information, which will help your reputation and brand. Generally, it is best not to explicitly promote a product or service in these videos, but to introduce viewers to your brand, and maybe show the product or service in action during the course of the video.

2. Interviews

Interviews are another form of videos that viewers tend to enjoy because they can be a source of valuable information. The interviews that you create can either consist of you as the interviewer asking an expert certain questions, or you as an interviewee being asked questions by someone else.
Keep in mind that interviews are personality-driven, and their appeal will depend on the interviewee. If you interview a popular or entertaining personality, the interview is likely to get a much greater response.
Another fact to keep in mind is that interviews offer the opportunity for engagement, as you can get your social media followers involved in suggesting questions that they would like answered.

3. Brand Culture Videos

As more and more brands try to connect with their customers and establish a trusting relationship with them, brand culture videos have emerged as the ‘go to’ method of doing so. In these videos, you’ll give your followers a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your brand’s culture, the people who work there, and what goes on in the office.
Typically brand culture videos can take a lot of different forms, including informal interviews with employees, funny antics that go on in the office, company outings, or a tour of the workspace. The most important aspect of these videos is that they should appear authentic, unscripted, and ‘real’.


4. List Videos

Often overlooked, lists are a storied form of content in text, images, and nowadays videos as well. In some cases, these videos can be structured as the ’Top 10’, ‘Best of’, ’10 Tips’, and so on.
The best lists are those that answer a question that people may have. Mostly they should be concise and direct, as viewers normally look to lists for a quick answer that gives them exactly what they need.
Although lists are a structured type of video, they shouldn’t be overly dry or formal. At the end of the day, the list of videos that perform best on social media are those that keep viewers entertained and engaged in using humor and visuals to deliver their message.

5. Live Videos

Live videos have taken social media by storm over the last few years, and although many skeptics initially dismissed them as a passing trend live videos have proven to be more engaging than normal videos.
Simply put by using live videos as a type of staple content on social media you’ll be able to expand your reach, get viewers to watch your videos for longer, and obtain more reactions, comments, and shares.
To be honest you could use live video in conjunction with some of the other types of videos listed above. For example, you could conduct live webinars, hold Q&A sessions, broadcast a company event, and so on.
Final Words
The bar for social media video quality is quite high, and you’ll need to be able to produce videos with excellent quality in order to compete. If you need an easy way to edit videos you can try looking for a user-friendly editor – and one example you could look into is Movavi Video Editor. Learning how to crop videos to the right aspect ratio for different social platforms could help as well.
Among all the types of videos listed above, you should have more than enough options to consider when creating videos. That being said it may take a bit of experimentation or some research to determine what type of videos appeal to your target demographic.
Still, now that you have a place to start you can begin to come up with ideas and start thinking about the types of staple content that you want to include on your social media presence.
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