TwXplorer, a new tool to analyze Twitter trends


It’s important to analyze trends on Twitter to get out the most from the actions we perform. For this a new free tool called TwXplorer allows us to search for terms in several languages.

TwXplorer displays the relationship of our search term with major recent tweets, a list of common terms, hashtags related to our search and more shared links on Twitter.

The registration is simple, we have only to login with a Twitter account and we access the control panel, which indicate the search term to analyze trends in Twitter.

For a detailed analysis of the tool and its operation I choosed to analyze the term “public relations”. Below you can find the search results:




TwXplorer is an interesting tool to find out trends for a specific term on Twitter and to know how people interact with the content they publish. An important thing is that TwXplorer works properly in real time.



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