Twitter will Clear Out Inactive Accounts Next Month

Lately, Twitter is doing a sort of clean-up of the accounts on the platform in order to keep it as clean as possible.

If you got an email from them, it means you have not been using the platform in the last six months and, if you still don’t do it until December 11, your account will be suspended. Or this is what they announced. So have a look at all your email accounts, because if you received the email portrayed below, you might have a not-so-nice surprise:

Now let’s see which accounts are taken into consideration and what’s to do about it!

Why Twitter will Clear Out Inactive Accounts?

The accounts that are targeted by this move are the ones that belong to people that haven’t logged in to Twitter in the last 6 months.

And this condition divides into two sides: the ones that have forgotten to log in/ are not interested in the platform anymore; and the deceased people which will not use it anymore for sure.

So what’s to be done in each case?

For the ones that have not signed in for a big amount of time for reasons only they know, there is one more chance to do it: log in until December 11 and they are safe. They don’t need to post, comment or engage in any way. Just a simple log in would do.

For the deceased ones, after receiving complaints Twitter decided to find a way to memorialize those accounts. We have a precedent with Facebook, that has memorialized accounts after their owners have passed away.

Why is Twitter doing this?

First of all, Twitter is taking this action in order to keep its platform spam-free and without any misleadings.

Another reason is to clean-up Twitter handles that might be used by people that actually log in to their accounts. So if you have a preferred username, but it is currently unavailable, you might get lucky this Christmas.

Twitter’s metrics won’t be very much affected by this, as the accounts they are talking about erasing were not active anyway. So this won’t make much of a difference.

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