Twitter Promoted Trend Spotlight Goes Global

New Year, new Twitter ad opportunities, as they are introducing a new way to promote your videos on the Explore tab.

The Explore tab is the perfect place where people go to look for new information on what’s happening around the world, so it is also the perfect place to advertise your product and get in touch with a possible audience. 

What’s up with the Twitter Promoted Trend Spotlight?

In addition to Promoted Trend, the Twitter Promoted Trend Spotlight allow you to upload both static images, GIFs or 6-seconds long videos on both desktop and mobile. 

The ad you are delivering will appear on top of the explore tab two times a day a user is checking the app.

After the first two visits, the post will then move into the Promoted Trend or the organic placement after the ad is over.

Which are the key benefits of using Twitter Promoted Trend Spotlights in your strategy?

Besides the ones we mentioned before, which you can say are also key benefits, Promoted Trends Spotlights also bring the following into the discussion:

  • reinforces your message and easily captures the attention of your audience with the help of the full-width creative;
  • puts your brand in the spotlight: by placing it on the top of the explore page, your ad will stand-out in the crowd and for sure will be surrounded by highly-curated content your audience is into;
  • encourages conversation: by having the opportunity of standing out in the crowd with the Promoted Trends Spotlight, brands are encouraged to start conversations with their audiences in any possible way. 

Where is it available?

The good news Twitter started the year with is that Promoted Trends Spotlight is now available throughout all the US, UK and Japan; and it is also expanding to other markets such as Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and India. So more and more advertisers can be in the game of ads.

What do you think of the new Twitter feature? Will you use it in your brand’s strategy?

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