If you have a Facebook Page which has already some followers who had pressed the Like button already, it means you had started a community there. Before you’ll have to focus on growing your Facebook page engagement, you must be focus to increase likes on Facebook.

A “Like” on your Facebook Page signifies that a real person show some interest in your business and this new communication channel, which is opened 24/7 it will become a very powerfull tool for you business.

The team of Wishpond, made The ultimate Guide to increase Likes on Facebook Infographic, from where you can find 7 ways to get more likes on Facebook.


1. Like-Gated Contests

2. Like-Gated Coupons

3. Like-Gated Ebooks

4. Facebook Ads

5. Add a Like Button or box to your blog

6. Add a Like Button to your Website’s Header

7. Exclusive Like-Gated Videos


Which of this 7 ways to increase your Facebook Likes, you have already used?