Top 7 Tips To Improve Your SEO In 2016

The effectiveness of SEO marketing needs to be optimized as per the ongoing trends if you are looking to be a part of the race and reach the top of the result pages faster. Google, with a number of changing algorithms, is throwing newer challenges on the SEO services to improve their strategies every year. Apart from being absolutely mobile responsive, optimization using the below 7 SEO tips of great value can bring the websites concurrent with the SEO in 2016 business needs.

Top 7 Tips To Improve Your SEO In 2016

1. Focus on Local to become Global

Whether it’s about B2B or a B2C market capturing, Google wants the websites to plonk in more details like the geographical location of business to build more focused marketing on relevant local web pages of the search engine. This is useful to capture the local customers who are finding the relevant shopping outlet for their needs over the net for immediate shopping needs. This information should also be available for mobile search.

2. Trending from Typing to voice search compatibility

The modern SEO needs are enforcing businesses to be responsive to the voice search as the customers nowadays find this medium convenient while exercising or while cooking, bathing and driving. Hence, an SEO Company needs to choose and use keywords in their SEO content which are easily discoverable and compatible with the voice searches.

3. The videos overpowering the boring text

Interesting videos and images on websites bring in a lot of scopes to grab attention. Videos are definitely the number one push factor of the rankings on the search engine and are here to be due to their recall value. The video success can add more glamour to the Facebook account pages of the site. This can overcome the monotony of uploading of long SEO contents which are boring to read. The GIF’s and animated videos will definitely fuel the marketing efforts in 2016.
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4. The need for detailing, backlinks and blogs

Back linking is 100% sustaining and going to be an important SEO strategy in 2016. The more relevant backlinks can be in the form of a nice blog with a number of articles relevant to the website. The content needs to be appealing to the audience as well as aptly researched to give good informative pieces. Churning stories of relevance and attaching the keywords appropriately can be rocking white-hat strategies.

5. Mobile the answer to the future marketing success

Mobile has become a part and parcel of life and the use of it for net surfing has intensified including voice search application. Owing to this fact mobile apps are gaining great importance. Hence, the businesses which fail to realise the importance of this growing trend definitely are left with the only forceful choice of closing down by being featured at the rear of the SERP’s.

6. Being concurrent with user intentions

The users nowadays have become very fussy with their choices and in order to mark them as loyal customers, it is necessary to understand their search objectives and serve them with the right result. The time spent by the customers on the site is more important than the number of clicks. SEO content must, therefore, include semantic keywords along with the main keywords that interpret the user’s intentions and the Google Algorithms better.

7. Being active on social media

The social media is buzzing with SEO advertisements, posts, tweets of businesses having fan pages and accounts all over a number of social media websites. This information is often highlighted often impacting the rankings and visibility on search pages.
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