Top 5 Tools To Manage Your Twitter Account

Adapting to the fast-paced social media environment is one of the main challenges that businesses have faced in the last couple of years.
As social media monitoring and management are core elements of a successful online presence, I decided to take a look at the most useful tools for managing Twitter account, one of the top social media networks, with a total number of approximately one billion registered users, and these were the ‘finalists’:

 Top 5 Tools To Manage Your Twitter Account


1. Hootsuite

With over 8 million users, Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools not only for Twitter, but also Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress and others.
You can opt for a free, pro or enterprise plan, depending on your budget and benefit from the integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Brandwatch, which makes it a valuable and insightful tool to any business.


Apart from scheduling and monitoring tweets, one of the main reasons why I recommend Hootsuite is its team management features. It facilitates team work by enabling organisations to communicate internally more effectively, share ideas and assign messages and tasks.

2. Tweetdeck

This is one of the tools I regularly rely on to manage my Twitter profile. It’s free, easy to use and it lets you schedule tweets across multiple accounts.


The unlimited number of columns and flexibility allows you to structure your dashboard according to your needs. Furthermore, Tweetdeck is great for monitoring keywords or hashtags you’re interested in, as well as setting up alerts and notifications for any profiles you might be keen on tracking (competitors, influencers, possible leads, etc.).

3. Twitterfeed

A user-friendly, easy to set-up tool, particularly handy for those willing to feed their blogs to Twitter (+ Facebook and LinkedIn). You can select update frequency, include tweets prefixes & suffixes and also take a look at stats, which show the number of people that clicked on each link.




As we already know, Twitter is all about engagement and sharing relevant content within communities. To serve this purpose, is a really good tool for building relationships and finding high-value members you should be interacting with, those who share the same interests as you, have similar goals and are most likely to find your content useful.



5. Qwitter

Qwitter is a good option if all you’re after is monitoring your followers, as it provides weekly emails of who unfollowed you. This is completely free of charge, but you can also sign up for a pro-solution, in case tracking multiple accounts and daily updates would be something that adds value to your online activity.
Are there any other tools to manage your Twitter account that you use? Give us a reply below and share them with our community!
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