Top 5 Inbound Marketing Tips For Content Marketing

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There is a reason why every marketer creates its own content strategy: he wants to build a strong relationship with the audience and develop an emotional connection with it. Many inbound marketing professionals creates strong and powerful content marketing, but forget the context. Content is very important, but don’t forget to stay relevant for the audience you talk to.

“When you are in Rome, do as romans do” and this is what happens with the social media network. On Twitter we will implement a different content strategy than on Facebook, and so on. Don’t forget that interesting content is one of the top 3 reasons why consumers follow brands on social media.  Many marketers are concerned about finding the right content strategy for their brand. So, how do you do that?


Top 5 Inbound Marketing Tips For Content Marketing


1. Know your audience

Here you have to be super-specific, because there’s no time for superficial description. You need to know everything about people you are talking to. Talk to them and learn to listen to. On social media people are very… but very honest when it comes to express their opinion about brands. So, you should listen to them and try to understand their complains.

Describe your brand persona and develop step by step what you want them to feel about the brand. Is it optimistic, young with fresh attitude? How does your brand “feels” like? 


2. Offer a great shopping experience 

When it comes to e-commerce, consumer experience will never be overrated. People will buy your stuff when you will understand that you are not selling just products. You’re selling a shopping experience.


3. Figure out what kind of content to share on social media 

It is very important to create a social media optimization strategy in order to connect with your audience in every possible way. Also, don’t forget to create a mix between engagement posts and selling oriented posts, in order to stay social, but also act as a brand.


4. Come up with interesting informations that your audience wants to know (two steps process)

First of all do a little bit of research to find the top news and interesting information and then put them in a interactive form for the social media environment. 


5. Share information as visual as possible 

Because people love infographics and well-designed pictured, where the information is very structured and easy to follow. Infographics and videos are still the top types of content that poeple enjoy and comment on. 

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