Top 5 hottest mobile trends in 2014

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We all know that as a brand, being on Facebook is still cool, but why marketers don’t use more the mobile device platform? In 2014, mobile marketing will become crucial for an integrated marketing campaign, because digital world is becoming mobile. According to, in 2014 an increasing number of people will be in position to acquire their first mobile device, especially in emerging markets. In 2014, the market value of mobile devices will reach the numer of 22 bilioon dollars. That’s quite a number, don’t you think?

Let’s take a look at top 5 hottest mobile trends in 2014


1. Mobile optimizations becomes reality

Step by step, consumers lives will run on mobile, that’s why mobile optimization becomes reality and a necessity for brands. Mobile goes social by offering a huge opportunity for marketers to increase brand exposure through social media in from of their main audience.


2. Brands get emotional on mobile

 In 2014, brands will get emotional on mobile in order to create customize experiences and win new customers. By reaching  to the emotional side of the consumers, brands will have the opportunity to bring back to life their digital personality and develop an emotional relantionship with customers.



3. Mobile strategy as an evolution in buying and selling

 It is estimated that QR codes scans will increase by almost 300% and mobile shopping will increase by 150%.  One of the most important thing that i love to say is that people don’t buy what brands are producing, people buy what brands are saying. Steve Jobs used to say that “people don’t know what they want, until you show it to them”. Going mobile represents an evolution in buying and selling, especially in 2014, when  mobile advertising will become more efficient and mobile shopping will become smarter and easier to do.


4. Mobile gamification: stay playful and fun

 Mobile apps has to be fun and user friendly. People are competitive by nature, so they enjoy playing cool games in order to win cupons discounts, awards points or winning competitions against their friends.

Mobile apps are supposed to be an entertaining enviroment for people to compete, engage with the brand and win prizes. 


5. Mobile content is getting shorter

As time spent on mobile apps has surpassed web browsing, content  continued to get shorter and shorter.

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Do you think that can be other mobile trends in 2014?


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