Top 10 Social Media Tools For Your Business


There are millions of social media tools for business out there, all claiming that their tool is different and will benefit your business. While many tools are practically the same with a different logo on them, I’ve noticed through the years that businesses have less and less time on their hands. My top 10 list below will save your business lots of time while still engaging with your community.


Top 10 Social Media Tools For Your Business


1. Get Pocket (Formerly read later)

This tool will help you organize all your favorite pages on the internet. You can save any page and use tags when you save it so you easily find it later. There’s a  Chrome and Firefox extension for instant saving. You can view saved pages from either your desktop or on your mobile device. It’s a great way of reading back on articles.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media dashboard which makes it easy to analyze all your social media activity. I love their reports, cleanup tool, the one column social media feed and their detailed search option.

Sprout Social Bookmarklet

Share to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Google+ pages instantly or schedule for the best results. Just click once to open the bookmarklet and click again to share. Sprout Social will instantly shorten your URL so you analyze it for the best results.

3. Topsy

Topsy is a social media tool which can help you with the Twitter search, monitoring and  analytics. This Twitter tool can help you by measuring the success of your Twitter campaigns at a whole new level.

4. Pinterest “Pin it Button”

Use Pinterest? Then you’ll need Pinterest’s official pin it button that allows you to pin any image on any website anytime you like. The extension is available for Chrome and FireFox. If you’re looking to market there I would recommend using it as you never know when you’ll see a pinteresting image.

5. Google+ +1 Button

Isn’t it annoying when you want to share something to Google+ and you can’t. Well this simple extension from Google allows you to quickly and easily +1 any page and share it to any circle or community you like instantly. This extension is also available on Chrome and FireFox.

6. Tweetdeck

Twitter’s very own Twitter dashboard where you can: Tweet, read your feed, interact with anyone on Twitter and loads more, all for free. Tweetdeck is available on Windows, Mac, Website, and Chrome. Tweetdeck is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it. I can’t stand using it, what’s your view on it?

7. Google+ Notifications

Instantly reply to anyone commenting or mentioning you on Google+. This Chrome  extension will add a bell next to your address bar. The bell turns a light grey colour when you have a notification and turns dark grey once you’ve read it. This tool is ideal for freelancers as you can quickly respond to any potential or existing customers’ questions. Unfortunately it doesn’t support Google+ pages just yet.

8. Gmail Checker

Use Gmail? No? Why not? It syncs perfectly with everything Google and you can use your present email in Gmail. This tool displays a small image of the gmail box with a number which shows the number of unread emails in your gmail. To read your emails just click on the gmail icon and you’ll be taken straight to your emails. It saves your business from keeping your emails open all the time. Chrome and FireFox.

9. Feedly

I’ve just started to use this tool and I absolutely love it. Feedly is a RSS reader with a difference. You can customize the look and feel, organize your feeds into different categories – for instance I have SEO, Social Media Marketing and Social Media News as categories. This tool makes it easy to keep up with all the latest news and trends happening in your industry. Feedly is available for Chrome and FireFox.

10. Klout

Klout is a social influence platform which measures everyone’s social influence by giving them a score from 0 to 100. The Klout Addon adds a Klout score next to your Tweeters.. This is great for your business as you can see the top influencers in your industry. Follow and interact with them and you’ll see people start to notice you on Twitter.

Have I missed any tools out? Comment below the social media tools your business uses.

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