Top 10 Social Media Brands in 2013 (Infographic)


Samsung Mobile was the most popular Social Media brand in 2013, in a top made by Starcount. Despite the fact that Samsung Mobile wasn’t the most popular brand on any specific social media network, more than 18 million new followers were added in the last year, according to Starcount.

Samsung is on the 2nd position in the World’s Top 10 Brands in 2013 with a value of 58.771 $ Millions (an increase of more than 20.000 $ Millions than in 2012).
Walt Disney win the second position in this Top 10 Social Media Brands 2013 and it gained nearly 1 million new fans on Chinese network Sina Weibo, and just over 2 million on Facebook.
The 3rd position in this top was occupied by National Geographic which has celebrating 125 years of activity this year. National Geographic was the most popular brand on YouTube in 2013 and the videos from this channel were watched more than 160 million times.

The complete list of the Top 10 Social Media Brands 2013 you can find below: