Top 10 SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid (Infographic)

Essentially, there are a lot of ways to consider when working as an SEO for a particular brand or company, or even for your own business. There’s the particular keyword/ key phrases, the specific niche, the overall website design, the website’s URL, social media activities and engagement, and all other factors that are necessary to achieve the desired result for a given campaign. With this scenario, an SEO must be mindful of all the tasks assigned to him such as identifying duplicate content, ensuring the site’s ease of use and responsiveness, as well as preliminary keyword research and tracking of Analytics.
Though it sounds too cumbersome, that is the reality of working as an SEO, so if you’re planning to take this as a lifelong career, or even if you already spent years of your life as an SEO professional, learning and developing your overall SEO skill set plays a vital role in the success of the campaigns that you are going to undertake. Sure enough, there are a lot of ways to be a successful SEO, but the number of perilous mistakes abounds for those who are not keen enough to observe the minor and major changes in the search engine landscape.
Having a wrong and outdated preconception about the concept of SEO, for instance, can bring your overall SEO career path into a downfall. For many reasons, a lot of SEO practitioners today still holds the wrong mindset on how SEO works- from ideas like “SEO is all about links” to “The ultimate goal in SEO is to land on the first page of SERPs”. Though partly true, these ideas are the exact reasons why some SEO fails to deliver the desired results for their clients: They stop doing SEO when in fact the job is only halfway done. Gaining backlinks and landing on the first page is desirable, but the most important part happens afterward, which is tracking all the data to ensure that long-term success is at hand.
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Moreover, some SEO is also prone to inefficient keyword planning. Gone were the days that a general keyword would suffice to rank well for a particular term or phrase that is relevant to getting customers. Some even commit keyword stuffing to fill in their content with as many SEO keywords, without knowing that it was long since Google penalized websites who are doing such black hat tactic. Nowadays, it is a common knowledge to use long-tail keywords and explore the power of the semantic of holistic SEO keywords.
Let us not forget the content. We all know that content marketing and SEO works hand in hand to make digital marketing campaign successful. But a handful of mistakes such as duplicating other website’s content, providing irrelevant information, and failing to back up your claims with citations can render your content into a poorly-written piece, resulting in loss of audience and lower ranking in SERPs. But how do you manage to avoid this? As an SEO, you have to ensure that your content is not only optimized for Google but ultimately for your readers and audience that will ultimately benefit to the information you provided in your content. You can even spice up your written content using images and other visually enticing materials to get the audience’s attention.
Awareness about the different mistakes to avoid is the precursor to taking the necessary actions you have to employ if you’re planning to be the best SEO this year and beyond. In this visual guide provided by CJG Digital Marketing, let us unravel the top SEO mistakes you should avoid to become the ultimate SEO rock star this year.