After LinkedIn crossed 200 million members a few days ago and became the 7th social networking site in the world by registered users, google+ remained on the 4th position in the Top 10 social networking sites by the number of registered users.
Below you can find the Top 10 most followed users on Google+, a social network that crossed 500 million register users in december 2012 and has more than 105 Million Unique Monthly Visitors


Top 10 most followed users on Google Plus


1. Britney Spears – 5,620,032 have her in circles



2. Lady Gaga – 5,377,876 have her in circles




3. Larry Page – 4,923,219 have him in circles




4. Snoop Dogg – 4,817,327 have him in circles




5. David Beckham  – 4,399,101 have him in circles

David Beckham



6. Tom Anderson – 4,345,665 have him in circles

Tom Anderson



7. Trey Ratcliff – 4,335,412 have him in circles

Trey Ratcliff



8. Thomas Hawk – 4,302,470 have him in circles

Thomas Hawk



9. Usher – 4,293,195 have him in circles




10. Ashley Tisdale – 4,057,817 have her in circles

Top 10 most followed users on google+

Note: the number of followers above are valid today: 14/01/2013


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