Tools for mobile application performance and ad efficiency


Mobile marketing is becoming an important part of communication strategy and that’s why we may discover some great tools that help us to monitor, prioritize, troubleshoot and trend your mobile app performance. Because there are many brands that are using mobile applications, I will describe you two great tools that  might help you to monitor your mobile application performance and how to pay, when there’s an actual conversion.

Crittercism is a mobile application performance management platform who is used to monitor, prioritize, troubleshoot and trend your mobile application performance. On this platform, every marketer will find a real time diagnostics from around the world and also, they will see the erros on Android, iOS, Hybrid, Windows Phone 8 and HTML5 apps. 


So far, Crittercism is monitoring over 500 million applications, which means over 30,000 events per second. Featured of the platforms include:

  • Real-time prognosis
  • Performance monitoring of the app
  • Real-time database – this platform is able to register every billion of transactions every day, that may turn into valuable insights.
  • Notifications
  • Dashboard



MassiveImpact is a mobile ad network reaching more than 1 billion mobile internet users from 190 countries. This is one of the most cost-efficient platform because it uses cost per action to determinate their ad pricing. That means that marketers will pay for an actual conversion, so the return of investment is guaranteed. 

MassiveImpact offer to every marketer and online publisher support for:

  • performance tracking and analytics
  • ad results
  •  app discovery
  • user acquisition.
  • guaranteed ROI
  • user convertion history.


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