7 Effective Tips for Writing PPC Ads

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a very popular model at the moment and it involves that advertisers pay whenever the user clicks on their ad. PPC ads come in various forms. One of the most effective forms of PPC ads is represented by paid search ads, that usually appear at the top of a search engine’s results, such as Google. Keywords are paramount in this sense because they send customers to the appropriate ads. Commercial search engine searches trigger PPC ads, but they must be formulated well enough to attract customers. The running ads are paid only when users click on their ad.

In this article, you should learn how to compose a PPC ad from scratch, so that it is convincing enough to attract potential customers rapidly. The advantages of PPC ads are numerous. In order to take advantage of these benefits, proper PPC ads must be created. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

7 Tips for Writing PPC Ads

1. Compelling, keyword-rich headlines

Your ad headline will be the first thing that people see when your PPC ad pops up on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). A normal headline for a PPC ad has several elements: the final URL (the link that directs a visitor to the page that you want to promote), two headlines of maximum 30 characters each that will be displayed together, the path (what link will be displayed), a description and extensions (if added).

To properly build a PPC ad, start by creating the headlines. They must be compelling, attractive and contain important keywords. Asking a question in the headline is one of the best methods to gain attention. Use mixed case whenever you write titles for the online environment. Avoid using excessive capitalization or inter-capitalization. You should start each word with upper case. There are websites that can do that for you, as well as an integrated function in Office Word.

2. Content tip – benefits come before features

Ad writing can be tricky if you don’t get informed beforehand. Start by doing your research about your competition. Hunt down companies that have similar PPC ads as what you have in mind and try to step away from that pattern. You need to use a different method to attract visitors. Differentiating your ad from others and making it stand out is what you can do through content. Identifying the element that makes your company different from the others will help you deal with competition the proper way.

The description of your PPC ad is used to sell your products and services by providing people with details about what they can receive if they click the link. Don’t forget that before listing the features of your product or service, you need to sell the benefits of it. You should make the customer believe that – by buying your products or services – his situation will be somehow improved. Also mention that the products can be immediately bought, to create a sense of urgency.

3. Using statistics helps

People get easily convinced by statistics, which means you should research data that is somehow related to your service and products and include it in the description of your PPC ad, or even the headline if that works. The data used must be authentic and real because visitors might research further the numbers. Using statistics is the biggest trend of 2019 for all content marketing forms, including Pay-Per-Click strategies.

4. List features the smart way

When you have to list features, you need to know how to sell it to the people who see it. To put together an efficient list of features, you should imagine you are a customer and you notice this PPC ad. Is it impressive and convincing? Would you click the ad? If yes, is it because how the features are listed or the headline made you think more about it? By answering these questions, you will know what element of your PPC ad should be revised.

5. Bolding important words

Besides using the appropriate keywords in your ad’s headline and content, you should also bold important words. By doing that, you make the ad easier to scan for people who stumble upon it. Bolding text or writing it in italic makes it easier to notice and the potential customer can simply skip to the part that you consider the most important. This way, you emphasize exactly what is important for your company – selling a certain product or service. Use this method and you will definitely notice some changes in the way your PPC ad acts. People are tempted to click on a link when they get curious about what you sell. Use words to transmit that idea and the ad will be more successful shortly.

6. Including CTA

CTA (Call-To-Action) are simple sentences or buttons that encourage people to click on the link or buy a product. Essentially, CTAs are meant to persuade people into doing something that is beneficial for your company. Good examples of CTAs would be “sign up here”, “click this link”, “buy this product” etc. Each company should choose the appropriate CTAs based on their goals. The experts at Summon Digital can run PPC campaigns for you in case you find it too complicated to master on your own. Creating good PPC ads might require some skills and experience, so don’t do anything if you are unsure because you will only lose money and gain nothing beneficial. Focus on Call-To-Action and adding extensions, which will be explained next.

7. Ad extensions to expand it

Extensions can be of different types in terms of PPC ads. They can offer people additional information regarding your company’s contact details, they can link to other affiliate locations or partners, they can give clients the chance to call the number of your company directly, or to text the company via a platform. Yet the most common type of extension for commercial websites is represented by dynamic site link extensions, which allow you to select a few pages within your website that you would like to highlight and encourage clicking on. Price extensions involve listing prices for certain products, which often attracts clients. Set up the extension that suits your needs and goals the best.

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