Tips for using Twitter for marketing

Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter could be a very effective tool for marketing, sales, technical and customer support. Your customers and potential clients talk about you and your competitors online, so you should watch what their opinions on you and your strategy on Twitter and think about how you can respond. Also, you can use Twitter to promote your brand, business activities and to be bound with your customers in real time.

Here you can see a few tips for using Twitter for marketing:

– Promote your brand by optimizing your account on Twitter.
– Make sure you are using your logo as a profile picture.
– Use the name of your brand/company as your account name.
– Add a link to your company website.
– Use the name of your brand/company as a hashtag and use it in each post.
Generate leads, giving them access to videos with product presentations, e-books and product samples if appropriate.
Write a fascinating publication aimed at your target group. Always point the user to a separate page with opt-in form. In this way you will be able to send them letters with various presentation materials. Observe the results about which assets are the most popular and generate the best feedback. Publications are like a subject in the letters, making it easy to keep track of them in spreadsheet.
Promote web seminars, conferences, workshops and events sponsored by your company.
Send publications in order to promote events by adding a link to the page on which visitors can request presence. Here again it is necessary to use a separate page for each event to have clarity what works best.
Add the Twitter logo in your company website to encourage visitors to follow you on Twitter.
Add a reference link to Twitter in signatures of your company’s mail and blogs. Constantly invite people to follow you in any published materials.
If it is profitable, generate a guaranteed discount codes in your Twitter profile.
This business tool has become very popular both in B2B and B2C. In B2B sales, Twitter helps for an easy communication. In B2C targeted sales, you can post promo codes and/or create contests to generate sales.

Here are some ideas for using Twitter in sales

– Listen!
– Follow the profiles of your competitors and see the feedback from their visitors.
When you see negative information about their product or service, use it as an opportunity to impose your product/service. Also watch out the feedback on your products and brand. Do everything possible to refute bad customer reviews as quickly as possible, helping them and process their problem as quickly as possible, to turn them from disgruntled to satisfied customers.
– Use the search engine on Twitter to find people using your keywords in their profiles, hashtags and publications.
There are a lot of people unhappy with the products of your competitors and these people may find you as a solution to their problem. They are potential customers, so it is desirable to see their profiles and decide if to follow them. Once you see who they follow you can reach another mass of potential customers.
It is very important to look for every opportunity and to be able to appreciate it and to turn it into a new way for business.

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