TikTok is Considering a Curated Content Feed To Attract Advertisers

In a world conducted by advertising, it was about time TikTok was thinking of implementing some type of curated content feed on their platform.

As you might already know, anyone can have a TikTok account and lots of minors are sharing moments of their life on the platform. There have also been some scandals with online predators being active on TikTok, but they are fighting this phenomenon. As Financial Times mention they are currently thinking and prototyping a curated content stream similar to Snapchat’s Explore tab.

Why TikTok is Considering a Curated Content Feed?

Of course, no brand would like to be associated with any scandal or to have their ad ruled between controversial posts. So a curated and moderated stream would be what they need. TikTok influencers and creators and brands would appear at the same place so why won’t they also do some campaigns together? 

Ever since its launch, TikTok has been involved in several scandals concerning sexual harassment at young children, encouraging pornography and other serious ones and have even been banned in some regions because of this. 

Of course, no business wants to be involved in something like this so they have to do something about it and also increase their revenue as fast as possible. So this new section within the app could be the answer to those problems they are facing. 

It is not yet sure how they will moderate and separate the content, but they might just focus on the quality of the video uploaded rather than on the notoriety of the user uploading it. So, from when they launch the feature on, maybe people will pay more attention to what they are posting than just upload some random video they recorded.

This could also have a good side, as users on TikTok will have the possibility to chose the type of content they want to watch: the one that is now available and the newly curated one. 

Can’t wait to see how this escalates in the future!

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