TikTok Introduces Stitch

What is Stitch you might ask? And we are here to tell you that Stitch is a new editing feature available with TikTok, a new way of engaging with friends and audiences.

Stitch is the feature that allows you to crop a certain part from another user’s video and add it to yours. Similar to what Duet for TikTok is doing. With Stitch, you can add your or others’ point of view of a story, recipe or any other topic you and your audience might be interested in.

Anyone can decide whether or not parts of their videos can or cannot be included in another users’ uploads to the platform. Privacy is important and you can set it up in the “Settings and privacy” section – where you can select whether all your uploaded videos are ready for Stitch or not.

Of course, you can set up a different privacy for all the individual videos if you like to and it is not a hassle. This is because you might have some important information that you would like others to share, so you can make your video available for Stitch. And for the rest, you can select the privacy that feels comfortable to you.

Stitch is a new way of expressing creativity for both regular users and advertisers as well. There are endless possibilities on how to use it and sky is the limit here.


Now Introducing: STITCH! Make the ultimate collab with your fav creators 🎬

♬ original sound – tiktok

How to use TikTok Stitch?

And now we got the one of the most important parts: how to create a Stitch.

Follow those steps:

  • open TikTok and browse until you find a video you would like to Stitch;
  • hit the “Send to” button;
  • press the “Stitch” button;
  • select up to 5 seconds you find the most interesting and them trim the video;
  • record the video you would like to add the Stitched video to;
  • Stitch the two recordings and share the new video with your audience.

#stitch with @nasouin go check out his content btw 🙂 #fyp

♬ original sound – nigelwhittington

Those are the simple steps you have to take to use the latest TikTok feature.

What’s your take on it? Will people use it creatively?

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