Up to Three Guests for Instagram Live

In India. For the moment, but who knows what will happen in the future and, from being a photos only social network to maybe streaming TV shows or SNL like shows.

Three Guests for Instagram Live

After TikTok has been banned in India and lost its second market after China, Instagram has realised that it would be high time to prioritize updates for this market only.

In 2020, the live streaming in India has become a focus for the users and more and more of them has started using it during the pandemic time. The usage on Instagram Live in India has increased with over 60% now.

And Instagram has had its eyes on it and now they are giving more features for the selected market. They have been working on this new feature starting March, when they had a first Q&A on the subject.

They rolled the new feature those days and now any person in India can add up to three people to a live video they are sharing.

The 200 million Indian users of TikTok did not have any other alternative just to turn to Instagram when it comes to social entertainment. And this might also be a cause for the rise of Reels, especially in that particular market.

Maybe they will expand the feature to other markets as well. Maybe they will add the possibility to add even more users to a live stream and become some sort of a TV broadcaster. Who knows?

Instagram must measure very close the next steps they will take, because no one wants them to loosen the quality of the uploads and streams and this is a good thing to take into consideration.

But still, this step that Instagram has taken into a big market shows that they might have other bigger plans with the live streams on the platform.

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