This Neglected Principle Is Hurting Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy thinking cloud
Now of days you can not neglect social media. Many of us know that the influence that social media provides is to great to pass up. Even so, what is that thing that so many leave out. This one thing can make a huge difference in your engagement without much effort.
So what is the minor adjustment that many of us are missing when implementing our social media strategy. If our strategy is not getting us more Likes, Followers, Shares etc then it may be time to reevaluate our strategy. That doesn’t mean that it’s time for a complete over haul, maybe just a small tweak.

What May Be Hurting Your Social Media Strategy

When you look at Social Media, I think many of us automatically jump to thinking of their desire results. By doing this they forget about the main reason Social Media was created. Just look at the words “Social Media”, the answer is right in front of us.
The answer is social media is all about being “Social”. That is what its all about. Being social can get us everything we desire from our social media accounts. A quick retweet, mention, question, share or comment can make all the difference.
To build a solid social media presence you have to be social, which means being selfless. Social media is 80% about your network 20% about you. You may be thinking well it’s my account? Think about it this way. If two people shared a post on the exact same topic and you had to choose one, would you choose the one that you don’t know or the one that actively shares, retweets and engages with you?
One problem is that many social media accounts have auto generated Tweets/ Post and there is no real interaction with their network. This is a must and should be added to your social media strategy without question. Being social will by default help you build relationships online that will do much more for you, far beyond your social media accounts.

The Benefits Of Being “Social” On Your Social Media Accounts

Lets start with the obvious. Being Social brings us more Likes, Follows, Shares, Tweets, better SEO (search engine optimization) and more. This is great and what your social media strategy is all about. Lets focus on how being social ON your social media accounts, helps you BEYOND your social media accounts.
By being social and building relationships online with your networks, you can increase your profits. If you have a website connected to your accounts you will be more likely to drive traffic to them. Getting them to your website increases your chance of making the sale or getting more bookings, increasing your email list and so on.
Being social will eventually provide you with contacts that can assist you with future or present projects. For example, there is nothing like needing a graphic designer and knowing exactly who to turn to just from logging into your Google+ account. We can’t do everything on our own. Building solid contacts should be an essential part of your social media strategy.


If you haven’t been as social as you can on your social media accounts, give it a try and track your results. Without having a large following you can still have a nice impact through being social. Being social is not just for our offline life and realizing that can create some amazing results!
Are you social on your accounts? What kind of results have you received from being more social?
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