4 Things Every Digital Marketer Should Focus on When Trying to Dominate on Pinterest

If you are trying to increase the reach of a business through digital marketing, then you should definitely consider exploring Pinterest. This is so relevant, especially if your target audience skews female, and if you are looking to attract high income households.

Pinterest is a marketer’s dream simply because it has a large audience, it does not feature as stiff competition as other search engines like Google, and more importantly, it offers fast results. In fact, dominating a niche on the platform is easy. Here are the things that you should focus on if you want to guarantee success on the platform as Julie Nyholm Petersen, Head of Social at MediaGroup World told us below.

4 Things Every Digital Marketer Should Focus on When Trying to Dominate on Pinterest

1. Image dimensions

As a platform, Pinterest is optimized for vertical images. Therefore, to enhance the experience of users on the platform, its algorithm tends to favor images that have a vertical dimension. Furthermore, vertical images tend to occupy less screen real estate as they are usually adjusted to fit, and this usually means that they stand out less.

However, this does not mean that you should go overboard when it comes to vertical image dimensions. A ratio of 2:3 is recommended, and sticking to it is advisable simply because images that are too thin tend to get truncated. As such, part of their graphics tend to be hidden, and this is something that sometimes reduces the click-through-rate of the image.

2. Color scheme

When you are starting out, if you are not sure which color scheme to use for your images, simply search for a term in your niche and then look at the colors that the top pins use. For your first pins, you can use these colors, or slight variations from them. However, with time, you can create your own variations or even colors that are completely different from the ones featured as this can help your pins to stand out.

As far as the color that you use in your designs, the best approach is the trial-and-error approach. Try different designs and colors, and then look at the engagement metrics. Figure out which one your target audience responds best to, and once you settle on one, stick to it as this will eventually help with your branding.

Keep in mind that generally, warmer colors do well on the platform. And since the audience on the platform is largely female, feminine colors are also preferable. However, this does not mean that you cannot experiment with cooler or darker colors.

3. Pinning frequency 

While the degree to which a pinner’s frequency affects their reach has reduced significantly over the years, it is still a factor. Users who pin more tend to have a great reach as Pinterest favors users who are active. Therefore, aiming to pin content at least 5 times a day is a great starting point.

If pinning consistently several times a day seems cumbersome, you shouldn’t worry. The platform allows you to schedule your pins. Also, there are a lot of great Pinterest Schedulers that can automate the pinning process, something that will make your work easy. You can even use one of these best social media management tools that are great for bloggers and larger teams that need to manage several social media apps at once.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you can pin other people’s content. This, in addition to the fact that you can create multiple pins for the same piece of content, makes reaching the 5-pin-per-day target that much easier.

4. Descriptions

While the Pinterest algorithm has come a long way in terms of its ability to recognize and contextualize images, this ability is still primitive. As a result, the descriptions that you use on your pins and your profile page tend to have a significant impact on where your pins rank in the search results.

When writing descriptions, make sure that they feature the keywords that are relevant to your niche. Accompanying the description with relevant hashtags will also help. Also, if you have the opportunity to use Rich Pins, take full advantage of the additional field provided in order to provide the algorithm with as much information as you can.

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