The New Snapchat Separate the Social from the Media

With all the losses that Snapchat has been experiencing lately, it was about time they made a new move and come up with a new design and new algorithm that separates posts from friends from the ones from advertisers. An interesting move that Facebook was blamed for when they were planning to introduce it. Is the new Snapchat copying Facebook now? Let’s see how this works.
Snapchat representatives say that the new algorithm will separate stories from friends from the advertisers’ ones in order to get rid of the face news that lately have taken over the social network that is the main rival for Snapchat, Facebook.

What does this mean?

This means that the stories from friends will appear on the left side of Snapchat, whilst the ones from advertisers, celebrities an community, on the right side.
Another new feature that will be introduced is the dynamic Friends page. The page which will be on the left, as mentioned before, will display friends based on the way the user interacts with them.
After being frustrated of scrolling endlessly in order to find a friend they wanted to talk to, Snapchat users might have given this feedback to the creators of the social network and they¬†came out with the new algorithm that prioritizes friends according to the interactions users had with them. This algorithm will be improved in time, as it takes a while to determine the interaction with friends and display the “Best Friends” according to this.

The other side of the Stories, the Discover one, which will appear on the right, will also be uniquely personalized with time. At first, users will see the lives on the top of the page, followed by other stories users might be interested in. All the stories that will appear on the Discovery side will be curated by one of the Snapchat’s teams and approved before appearing on the page. But this process will not be entirely manual, as it will also use a mechanic input. Snapchat representatives say that the way humans and machines work together is best used in order to give users the best content experience on mobile.
The new Snapchat will be released on Friday, December 1st.
What do you think about separating the social from the media? Is this a new step in the online world?
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