Internet evolved a lot in the last three decades. For example: in 1984 there were around 1,000 hosts at universities and corporate labs. The global internet population reached 2.1 billion people in 2012.

The guys from Who is Hosting This made an interesting Infographic about this Incredible Growth of Internet Usage in the last 30 years, which you can find below.


The Incredible Growth of Internet Usage between: 1984-2013


For the Evolution of Social Media perspective, the most interesting things are:

– in 2009 Facebook grew to 200 million users

– in 2010 was launched: Instagram, Pinterest; Twitter reached 100 million users, Facebook passed 400 million users

– in 2011 Instagram app reached 10 million users

– in 2012 Facebook reached 1 billion registered users and Twitter grew to 200 million users

– in 2013 Instagram passed 100 Million active users, YouTube passed 1 billion monthly users and LinkedIn crossed 200 million members

Give us a reply with the most important event (from your perspective, at least) from the infographic below:


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