The Benefits of Using Infographics as an Online Marketing Tool


It can be hard to keep up with “what’s hot” when it comes to social media these days. From YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest to Facebook and Twitter; having your business socially connected is more important than ever. One way to really connect to your users on social networks is through infographics. Infographics are visually appealing graphics that help to inform your public or audience in an interesting and unique way. They help to break down data that may be complex when sourced in a paragraph that could scare your audience away. Infographics help to explain the tough questions, while still keeping your audience’s attention.

The benefits of using Infographics as a marketing tool are:


  • Problem solving: Infographics can help explain complicated concepts to the public.
  • Promote your message: Infographics can really help to promote your company’s goals and overall message. The visual element helps to zero in on the important points that might get lost without it.

Infographics are a great way to channel potential customers to your site as well. I recently created and promoted an infographic for Maxwell Systems. We placed the infographic on their blog and promoted it through social media. Next, I emailed hundreds of construction sites, where Maxwell’s potential customers read, and pitched them the infographic to embed on their site. Part of the embed code is a link back to Maxwell Systems. Even just a hand full of sites that embedded the infographic sent a large traffic spike to their site.
This infographic not only placed Maxwell as a source in the industry but it also spread brand awareness about what they do. The infographic also gave the company an opportunity to build quality links on high profile sites boosting their rank in the search engines.

Why they work


  • New way to present content: People are always looking for new ways to present old information. Infographics allow for just that.
  • Short attention span: Users don’t spend a lot of time browsing your website. People are on and off websites in 10 seconds or less. Infographics can grab their attention quickly and give them the information they need even quicker.
  • Retention: Studies show that consumers remember information better when presented in a visually appealing way. Infographics are perfect for this statistic.
  • Interactive: People feel are more engaged with infographics then just straight information. They canreally focus on the information in front of them and feel like it was designed specifically for them.
  • Sharing: People love to share infographics, especially when they apply to their everyday lives. Usually, a pretty graphic is much more likely to be shared on Facebook or Twitter rather than just a paragraph of information.
  • The stats: You can’t argue with facts. 83% of learning for consumers is through visual engagement. People only remember 20% of what they read. High quality infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than a normal news article. Webpages that use infographics have a traffic increase per year of over 12%, from infographics alone! You do the math: Infographics work!

How to be instafamous with infographics

For infographics to work, several factors need to be attained:

  1. Use a catchy title to start your infographic: An eye-grabbing title or statistic will grab your consumer’s attention from the very beginning.
  2. Use sources and statistics: A diverse research group will help to make your infographic credible.
  3. Promote your infographic: Use your other social media channels to promote your infographic; it’s a great way to help it go viral.
  4. Don’t overload with text: Avoid a white background and an overabundance of text in your infographic. Keep it simple, your readers will appreciate it and be more engaged by your information in the long run.

Once you’ve figured out what you’d like your infographic to say, the next step is actually creating it. There are lots of helpful tools online to help you do just that. Is a shame not to be aware to the benefits of using infographics as an online marketing tools.  Infographics are a great way to present information in a fun and engaging manner.

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