Steps to start with content marketing

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Creating a content plan is like planning a trip, you have to see where to go and how to get there. So you must plan, knowing what steps to take in order to generate an effective content strategy over time.

Steps to start with content marketing


Content Marketing


  • The important thing is to know where to go. If you do not know where to go, how can you manage to arrive there?
  • Therefore, it is essential to have an overview in mind, and always wonder if every action is taking you to the desired goal.



  • Find out what matters and want to know your customers and prospects before you start to generate content.
  • Use social media as a tool to listen.
  • That is, use them to ask and talk, more, than to do it as a means to advertise or generate brand recall.


Create “people”


  • If you want to reach your target group you need to know who and how they are.
  • Create a person is nothing more than creating a kind person who reflects your average customer.
  • This helps to better understand who is speaking, how you have to speak and what to speak.


Have a central message


  • Your company must have a central message that is constantly ringing, which it is constantly talking, so you are not confusing your audience.
  • You cannot talk of yellow, red and green. If your message is blue, should play different shades or all different shades of blue, but do not go talking about another color.
  • Failure to follow a central message does lose strength, focus and credibility.


Create a web site


  • THE Web site is the center of your digital content. This is where all the information about who and what it does and what value delivers should be.
  • Social media, blogs, emails, videos, webinars, podcasts or presentations must generate traffic to your website.
  • It is on their website where you should be able to attract their views, and to generate conversion processes for identification (name and email).


Use an editorial calendar


  • By using a calendar where the issues are and create content, will help facilitate the work and knowing what to communicate and when.
  • This lets you sort your issues, without losing the core message, know what to do and when and also to know what has been done to avoid repeating rather than reuse.


Be flexible


  • You will not know what will work until you publish it.
  • If you publish content that has not achieved the success that you expected, perhaps it is time to redefine your calendar or to touch the upcoming topics, or perhaps the way you communicate.
  • Go analyzing what works and what does not, from what to do in the future and what not to do.
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