Spotify Adds Stories

In order to keep track of the other social networks, Spotify is also testing a Stories mode, which will allow influencers to add videos to their playlists. 

Why are they doing this? We shall try to guess next. 

Why Spotify Adds Stories?

The version of the Spotify Stories that is being tested at the moment is very similar to the other stories formats: the video is vertical, showing short-format content that you can tap on to get to the next one and a counter is on the top so you can see how many other stories are there.

In order to get to see a Story, you have to tap on the circular icon that you can find above the name of the playlist. This one also has a snap that represents a preview of who’s in the video or the video itself. 

Once you enter the Stories mode, the videos will play automatically and the playlist that Stories are about is also mentioned at the top of the screen. At any time, you can exit the Stories by tapping the X button in the top right of the screen. 

Being based o music, Spotify’s Stories mode is also featuring music artists as well. And you can add to your story a certain song and its artwork will also appear there. 

This new feature is, at the moment, dedicated solely to influencers that will be able to recommend their favorite music to their followers and encourage them to listen to music they might have never heard of before. Because this is the main scope of the new feature: more to listen to new music and less to self-promotion. 

At the moment the feature is only available on iOS, but it will be on Android devices as well. And available for both free and premium accounts.

What do you think of the move Spotify has done? Do you think it will become yet another social media network or it will stay an audio means of listening to music and podcasts?

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