Social Media Need To Know Tips For Business Owners

The social media industry (some call it landscape) is forever changing. As a matter of fact, changes are so often and rapid that not many of us are able to grasp on the speed. But again, if you are in the industry, you would know that you have no choice but to embrace it.
We have seen live streaming taking off and when done correctly (or pure luck), you could do much more and reach an even bigger audience. For example, mum in Chewbacca mask shatters Facebook Live record with millions of views around the world. And apart from Facebook, huge news channels such as BBC News are already publishing the story.
Let’s face the fact, it is really hard to put the temptation aside; imagine the number of views and probably the fame you will get from it.
The above is just one example that you need to expect in this year. Take a dive on the information below as you will be able to hit the home run if you are doing it right, plus a little luck under your sleeves. Here are some social media tips for business owners that you need to know right away.
Social Media Need To Know Tips For Business Owners

Social Media Need To Know Tips For Business Owners


1. Prepare for social media crisis

Social media is forever blooming and there is no way to deny that. Now, take a moment to think about it.
Most of us are jumping right onto the bandwagon without having a backup plan.
Don’t worry if you are confused. Take a look at the US Airways disaster on Twitter.

Yes, you get the point.

Here’s the reality. Most of us are immediately engaging in social media because we do not want to lose out. While that is absolutely fine and understandable,  this is wrong.
You (and your company) should be prepared for problems that may happen in social media. Let’s face it, we are all human and preparing for social media crisis is vital for any social media planning.

2. Are you overlooking employee advocacy?

According to Cisco, your employees would have around 10 times more followers and 8 times more engagement that your company does on social media.
Now, this makes all the sense. Company pages and social media accounts are usually very business based. Compared to employee’s social media accounts, it is often more genuine, down to Earth and personalized. It is a no brainer that you should get your employees involved (and probably singing praises).
The next time you are having a team meeting, ask or share with them on some social media marketing plans that the company has. After all, your employees are your most valuable asset.
Here are several platforms you can choose from:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Personal blogs
  • YouTube

If you want this to work, you need to be clear on what your expectations are. In this case, they need to understand your goals and targets, plus ways they can assist the company to achieve better reputation and growth.
You may want to advise your employees that this information must be relevant (above everything) and provides value to the readers.
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3. Video marketing is ever growing

It doesn’t matter if you are into Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube etc. Video marketing will continue to grow over time.
The video is becoming more popular because it is more interactive (to say the very least) and it is able to provide more interesting content compared to the standard conversion. More importantly, people are more obsessed with video than ever.
A study done by eMarketer shows that on average, people are watching around 5 hours and 31 minutes worth of video on a daily basis. Back in the year 2011, the average time was just surpassing the 21-minute mark.

5 hours and 31 minutes of video is a long, long time indeed!

Those days, a video was all about sharing a full-length video. This means that a video can last from several minutes to hours! Nowadays, the tide has changed and anyone can simply publish a video (a very short one) or even live to stream.
The best part about video marketing is it is not only doable for brands and businesses, consumers (like you and me) could also use it to share our experience and expectations on a specific product on video.
Who says that you need to write a full, 3,000 words review on a product when you could wrap everything up in one video under 10 minutes.

4. Influence marketing is getting there

Now that you have video and multiple social media channels, there will be a content shock in the air. This means that there will be just too much information to digest within a short time period.
For others, this will be challenging as you have absolutely no idea which content to follow or trust.
And this is where influence marketing comes into play. Influencers are important because:

  • They have built-in audience who trust them
  • They have far bigger reach compared to you
  • It gives your brand or product a stand out of the crowd type of advantage

There are many influencers around the world which you can leverage and based on your niche or business. Gaining the trust of the public is a challenge especially when you are trying to reach out an audience with a new brand.
With influencers, you are able to literally access groups of people who are not aware of your existence (or even out of your reach).
Plus, influencers usually have a huge email list and customer database. Engaging with influencers may cost a high price but the end results are usually favorable in many ways.

Now it is your turn!

Like it or not, social media is here to stay for a very, very long time. And this means that changes in social media trends and expectations will almost constantly be there.
If you have yet to plan out the right social media strategies, this is the time to do so. You need to start adjusting your thinking, adapting to new (and growing) trends as well as implementing strategies that fit your business perfectly.
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