Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Might Be Killing Your Business

Everyone is now aware of the need to be on the ball when it comes to social media. This is a platform that is constantly evolving and can’t simply be mastered and then neglected – it’s an area that needs constant updates and changes. While many social media managers realize quickly about the additional things they should start doing, it is harder to pinpoint the things that you should stop doing. Some online activities that would have worked well a few years ago can be a hindrance now, and other mistakes may be things that you’re not even aware you’re doing. Either way, taking action against anything that could be harming your brand is as important as being proactive and promoting your brand. The following social media marketing mistakes should all be eliminated in order to really thrive in the online marketplace.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Might Be Killing Your Business



1. Be Polite In The Face Of Negativity

While you may be thoroughly ticked off that your amazing services have received rude comments, deleting or ignoring such posts does nothing for your brand. At best you look like you’re hiding something, at worst you look petty or negligent. Instead, reply politely and show that you value your customers, and will endeavor to make them happy. You can monitor your brand, as well as your competitors and other aspects of the industry and stay on top of any posts concerning you with Mention.

2. Using Automatic Posts

It may feel like a great time-saving device, but copying and pasting your posts across all branches of social media is really not the best use of your time. It’s actually detrimental to your campaign, as you aren’t fully harnessing the benefits of social media that come with using each one correctly. They’re all separate and will reach a different part of your audience, and your posts should be tailored to maximize each individual platform. For many businesses, Twitter is the most important forum, and so special care should be taken when you post there, and you can monitor your achievements for this forum with Follower Wonk and Tweet Binder. Other sites, such as Manage Flitter can help you constantly grow and reach more people, as all good marketers should seek to constantly grow.

3. Hiring Inexperienced Social Media Managers

For many businesses, the post of social media manager is relatively new. They often turn to young candidates who have grown up in the internet era and have a good understanding of each platform; however, this is not always the best choice. Social media managers essentially become the voice of your company, and so they should receive thorough monitoring and training, as well as tools to gauge their progress, as posting for a business is different to posting for personal use. You can teach your social media marketing manager how to use certain apps and websites in order to monitor their successes, and you can also keep an eye on what they’re posting and check they’re on brand too. Some of the best tools to get an overall view of your social media presence are PaperFellows, IFTTT and Sum All.

4. Posting Poor Content

A few years ago, keyword stuffing was immensely popular and surprisingly effective. Posting regularly was also a huge boost to your SEO, and really fueled your rankings. You could post just about anything, and as long as it was riddled with keywords and regularly appeared on your blogs and platforms, search engine crawlers would be satisfied. However the technology now used by search engines is more sophisticated, plus the online community is more discerning. It’s absolutely necessary to post original, high-quality content, without keyword stuffing. Not only does this please search engine crawlers and aid in marketing campaigns that are aiming at increasing awareness of your business, but it’s also the only way to garner a good reputation amongst your followers and be considered a competent business. You will lose readers and reduce your audience with poor quality posts: the absolute opposite of most marketing goals. Fortunately, there are services available online to help you out. To kick start your marketing, you can hire an experienced copywriter for social media from Essayroo. For longer posts, you may want to engage the services of a professional editor, via Essay writing service, or hire a proofreader via UK writing.

5. Not Making A Strategy

Social media often seems a lot more casual and informal than other marketing tools. However, for a good social media marketer, this is an illusion, as all aspects of the platforms are utilized to give the business maximum exposure. This means timing posts to the days that you get the most responses, checking which keywords and formats get the most engagement and constantly improving your posts to meet your audience’s needs. You can use Rival IQ analytics to create a comprehensive strategy, destined to be successful.
Social media is growing too quickly to ignore your mistakes – take the time to rectify any of the above errors you are currently making in order to really thrive in the online market.
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