Social Media can help you to find Your Next Job

Almost every day we hear how an active and constant presence on social media channels can bring lots of benefits on your everyday life.
One of the best things that can happen is to get hired because nowadays, a growing percentage of recruiters are using these social media channels to find job candidates. One of the first social resume tools that come to your mind is probably LinkedIn, but other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or even a TikTok resume can be just as helpful.

When you publish a picture, an article, or a video on different social networks and especially Facebook, which introduced its new Facebook Graph Search and shows you after a simple search, all the details you have made ​​public (even if the person is not looking for a friend with you) you have to think ahead of posting anything, if will affect your reputation and even your job, in this case
The guys from OnlineColleges have made an infographic about the benefits to find your next job from different social media channels.
Social Media Resume