Snapchat vs Instagram – Comparisons For Beginners

Are you wondering between using Snapchat vs Instagram?
Do not worry if you are. As the matter of fact, many social media marketers around the world are experiencing the same challenge.
Both Instagram and Snapchat are excellent for nearly any business model. So, how do you definite which is the best social media platform to engage in?
Shall we get serious into the comparison between both social platforms? Let’s dive in.
Snapchat vs Instagram

Snapchat vs Instagram


Snapchat Marketing – What do you need to know?

Snapchat was first launched back in 2011 and at that time, it was not getting much attraction. The idea of Snapchat is still far from reach and most of us were brushing Snapchat off thanks to the big game changers (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn).
The idea of viewing a video or message through Snapchat and only able to view for 10 seconds before it gets deleted entirely from the server (like the one you see in Mission Impossible series) was a big no-no for many.
Sure, there were many who were extremely tempted with the new twist provided by Snapchat but the majority were still skeptical. Again, skeptical is acceptable since there are so many new social media platforms blooming on the daily basis.
The biggest turn around for Snapchat (for me) is when Facebook decided to acquire it for $ 3 billion. Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, decided to turn down the offer. Of course, both supporters and non-supporters decided to debate on this which helped Snapchat to grow its popularity to the next level.
Enough of Snapchat introduction and let’s get into serious business.
What should you know about Snapchat?

  • Estimated 100 million active users (daily basis)
  • Number of Snaps is approximately 400 million
  • 70% of users are said to be females
  • Users age gap is between 13 to 24 years old (generation Y)
  • 77% of college students say they use Snapchat
  • Not many companies are involved heavily on Snapchat … yet

Snapchat comes with several strengths (as well as weakness). As a marketer, the chances of leveraging Snapchat for business is extremely high since the competition is relatively low. With such less competition, it is extremely easy for you to rank or turn Snapchat into a serious lead/sales/revenue generation tool in no time.
Apart from that, Snapchat is a very powerful platform which users are constantly active. Therefore, the more Snaps you are publishing, the higher chance you will be making a huge impact (and growing your audience).
If you are planning to use Snapchat, you have to understand that it comes with several weaknesses as well. For example, the most obvious Snapchat weakness is the smaller audience range compared to big brands such as Facebook and Twitter. For example, Snapchat is extremely popular for younger generation and females only.
Apart from that, Snapchat has relatively low attention span due to the 10 seconds video playback. While this may not be entirely a bad thing for social marketers, you are required to spend more time and effort to craft the perfect Snap to attract others.
When should you be using Snapchat for marketing?
Snapchat is best when you are planning to publish time-sensitive information. Due to its high demand and usage, Snapchat could easily add a lot of value into your marketing strategies.
Snapchat is also a great social media platform if you are planning to have the ‘burst effect’. For example, you can use Snapchat as a medium to share 10-seconds sneak peak to new and upcoming promotions. It could also be used to showcase your back of the house in just 10 seconds Snap!

Instagram Marketing – What do you need to know?

Instagram is now a part of Facebook and make no mistake; Facebook only invests in companies and programs that are highly potential.
So, this makes Instagram extremely potential!
Instagram works in one particular method: visual, and visual is divided into two parts which are photos and videos.
Let’s take a look at Instagram’s stats, shall we?

  • 300 million users on a monthly basis
  • On average, 75 million users log into Instagram daily
  • There are 70 million photos uploaded daily.
  • On average, users spend around 20 minutes a day on Instagram
  • Majority of users (over one-third) are between 16 to 24 years old
  • The second majority of users are between 24 to 34 years old

If you are wondering, Instagram is MORE popular than Twitter.
Instagram comes with several strengths and the most common one is hashtag marketing. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, marketers are always guided to use lesser hashtags. With Instagram, marketers are told to do the opposite — which is to load up the post with more hashtags!
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Another part that comes perfectly well with Instagram is the easy integration between various social media platforms. Plus, Instagram provides better visual quality thanks to its filters and editing features.
In terms of the engagement level, Instagram allows you to choose and decide on the setting. For example, you can make the post public or your profile as a private one. Indirectly, it allows you to control the flow and momentum of your overall Instagram marketing strategy.
Instagram has its downsides too and the most obvious one is this: Instagram is extremely noisy. Hundreds and thousands of visuals are uploaded every second and your updates could easily get buried under the noise.
A popular platform such as Instagram comes with truckloads of competitors. This means that it is extremely challenging to be different (while it is not entirely impossible).
When should you be using Instagram for marketing?
Instagram is ideal when you are trying to reach out to the newer audience (users). When you use hashtags as a form of marketing, you have a high chance to explore new, uncharted customers.
Instagram is always a better choice when you are planning to deliver more value and information to your audience instead of sneak-peaks!
Now it is your turn!
Both Snapchat and Instagram had proven to be great tools for social media marketers. Each of them provides unique pros and cons. If used correctly, they could easily provide a lot of value into your business.
So, what do you think? Share and comment below!
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