Snapchat Tests Brand Profiles

It was high time for Snapchat to get more serious in the business part. And they are, by testing some business profiles on the social network. 

So, for the first time in Snapchat’s history, brands will have their own Snapchat business profiles. 

Sure, the feature is still in beta testing, but Snapchat wants to make it available worldwide by the end of the year.

Some of the brands that are currently testing it are: Ben&Jerry’s, Dior, Candy Crush, Gucci, Target, Headspace, L’Oreal Paris, Too Faced (by Estee Lauder), Louis Vuitton, Universal Pictures, Prada, Tim Hortons, VSCO, Kylie Cosmetics and Ralph Lauren. Others to be announced during the following weeks.

How will those Snapchat business profiles work?

The brands’ profiles will work as landing pages for selected brand videos, branded AR and online shops in connection with Shopify. 

Carolina Arguelles, Snapchat’s global product marketing manager said that they are working on a system where users can interact with brands and the later one can become more interested in being engaged with a community that cares for them. 

And this is a good thing, especially for marketers that will have to think of campaigns in a new format and for a new target. It will be a challenge for big and small brands to win snapchaters’ attention. 

The new type of profile will look very alike the creators’ and influencers’ ones that were created and launched last year. The difference between those types of profiles is that the brand ones will get functionalities that allow them to be managed outside the mobile app as well. 

Users can find those brand profiles by searching for them, scanning a QR code or by seeing ads from them. If they subscribe, they will receive updates from the specific brand in the Discovery mode and check out AR lenses in the lens explorer. 

Will you create a brand profile for your company on Snapchat?

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