Snapchat Launched Spotlights

In an attempt to fight TikTok, Snapchat has launched Spotlights, a vertical-video type of content that is aimed to make creators engaged with a new type of content that is more meme-like instead of showing off their daily lives.

What do Snapchat Spotlights bring new to the social network?

First of all, the opportunity for creators to earn money. And you don’t even have to be a celebrity in the first place. Because Snapchat has a $1 million budget that is willing to share daily with its content creators.

Of corse, there are some rules you have to take into account, such as:

  • being 16 or older – depending on the market;
  • being creative in your own special way and make use of all that Snapchat has to offer;
  • be careful about what you submit for Spotlights, because the social network might limit the number of submissions coming from the same user – so choose your favorite;
  • make them up to 60 seconds-long;
  • don’t do copyright infringement and, if you want to use certain songs, look for them in the Snapchat library;
  • if one or more of your spotlights are reported as a copyright infringement, they will be removed from the social network;
  • do safe activities – meaning that you should take into consideration that Snapchat’s audience is 13+;
  • don’t try to sell any products or services you might have through Spotlights;
  • if you represent a brand and want to create content for Spotlights, please read more about it here.

Snapchat spotlights are available, at the moment, in the following markets: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Ireland, Germany, Sweeden and Norway, UK and the US. And, in time, it will also be available in other countries as well.

Based on the feedback they receive from the users enrolled in the new feature, they might modify parts of the product in the future.

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