Snapchat Introduces Snap Kit

In a moment when Facebook is trying its best to reconquer both people’s trust and hearts, Snapchat is finally launching a platform for developers to play with, called: Snap Kit.


What types of Snap Kits exist?

There are four types of Snap Kits: the Creative Kit; the Login Kit; the Bitmoji Kit and the Story Kit.

What do they do?

With the Creative Kit, developers will be able to integrate your businesses stickers, filters, links and many more to the Snapchat camera. Users will be able to add stats or playlists to the preview screen and share them with their followers.

With the Snap Login Kit, you will be able to log in to other apps, just as you do with Facebook at the moment, as a secondary login. Users will also share their Bitmojis in the process. The login will not be trackable.

With the Bitmoji Kit messaging will be more fun. The Bitmoji stickers will be used across all apps to bring more personality to the chats.

With the Stories Kit, you will be able to share Snapchat stories to different platforms and showcase them to different communities. You will also be able to look for public stories based on location, to see others’ points of view or, if you are a business, to see if your target is in a certain location or not.

What’s the difference between the Snap Kit and Facebook?

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal with Facebook, almost all the platforms are more and more careful with privacy. Snapchat says that with Snap Kit you only share your basic information, such as the display name and bitmoji when you sign in; you don’t share any information on your friends; and if you are inactive for 90 days, all the apps you signed in to with Snap Kit will automatically disconnect.
Snapchat representatives say that they review all the apps before giving them access to the platform, in order to know whoever is trying to use the Kits and for a better security.
Some of the companies that are currently using the Kits are: Tinder, Quip, Giphy, Pandora, Eventbrite, Patreon and many more. Those are all big names that have put their trust in the Snap Kits.
Will you use this new features that Snapchat is offering both to developers and to their users? Do you think this is a good way to revive the app?
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