Snapchat Introduces 3D Camera Mode

Last month, Snapchat has announced the launch of their new glasses, Spectacles 3, that allow capturing images in 3D.

As a difference from the other Spectacles versions, the new ones will have 2 HD cameras on each side, in the front. This will allow you to capture images just like your eyes do, adding depth and dimensions to them. Effects will also be different with the new Spectacles, such as 3D camera mode. You can also add landscape images or lighting to your photo with just one swipe. 

Spectacles 3 will be available soon.

But getting back to our main focus of this article, Snapchat also introduces a 3D camera within the app. This is a logical step following the launch of the Spectacles 3, which allow 3D images to be captured. 

3D Camera Mode

The 3D camera mode on Snapchat will allow you to take pictures with more depth by changing the appearance and perspective based on the way you move your phone. 

Still, the new 3D camera can be used only by people who own an iPhone X or a newer model, that has a dual camera. 

A new series of 3D effects will also be available within Snapchat. In order to see and add them to your photos, you must just swipe on the filter carousel and find the most suitable one for the image you just snapped. They will add magic to your photos and impress your followers.

Even though the new features are not available for any type of phone, you can interact with 3D photos you see on your feed. Also, they are preparing support for the other devices than the iPhones we mentioned above.

So now Snapchat has a new combination of elements 3D Camera and Spectacles 3 that will make your Snaps stand out and they are getting close to Facebook’s 3D photos, maybe also be a good competitor on what 3D photos are concerned.

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