Snap Originals – Original Video Content on Snapchat

It is no wonder that the original video content is gaining more and more importance in the online world. With streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime and many others, a move to the original video content in social media was what everyone might have expected. And we are not talking here about the live videos people are sharing over Facebook or Twitter. We are talking about curated video productions.

It seems that Snapchat has caught the wave and announced yesterday, at Snap Partner Summit in Los Angeles the launch of new Snap Originals. 

What Are Snap Originals?

As we already said, Snap Originals are a series of curated video content, from docuseries to comedies and teen dramas that will stream on Snapchat. But they say it’s not just the content that is original, but also the way it is presented. It is made for a new way of watching video content on mobile devices.

The New Snap Originals Series

So let us tell you which are the new Snap Originals that will be available within the app:

  1. Can’t Talk Now (New Form) – the life inside teens’ phones.
  2. Denton’s Death Date (Insurrection Media) – about Denton Little, a teen whose death date is a week away.
  3. BuzzFeed is bringing back its daily shows with celebrities and entertainment that blew the Internet.
  4. Two Sides (New Form) – a young couple’s break-up told from the two points of view.
  5. Commanders (Dakota Pictures) – two teenagers find an old computer and its code can alter the real life.
  6. Sneakerheads (Indigo) – Los Angeles in a sneakers’ culture explored by three college freshmen.
  7. Dead of Night (Bazelves) – One girl. One phone. A city full of zombies. The girl must escape it with only the use of her phone.
  8. While Black (Indigo) – exploring racially charged social issues by filmed conversations of the author, filmmaker, recording artist MK Asante.
  9. Stranded with Sam and Colby (Bunim/ Murray) – two paranormal investigators go to a Pennsylvania town.
  10. Compton Dreams (October Films) – three up and coming artists from Compton are filmed for a documentary on their ups and downs.

Have you ever watched a Snap Original?

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