Snap Minis Are Here to Stay

Remember last month’s Snap Partner Summit announcement of the Snap Minis? They have announced the launch of four of those mini-apps that are to be found in the Snap Chat’s section. 

Snap Minis are made to encourage engagement between users and allow them to solve issues without leaving the app. 

What Snap Minis have been launched?

As we already said, there are four Snap Minis launched:

  1. Meditation Service Headspace – used to perform meditation and calm activities that would make users more happy and disconnected.
  2. Flashcards – a studying collaboration space.
  3. Let’s Do It! – an app that was made by Snapchat themselves that let users make decisions together.
  4. Prediction Master – an interactive messaging experience.
Snap Minis

There are also other Snap Minis that are to go live somewhere in the future, such as:

  • one developed by Coachella that will allow users to make travel plans.
  • one developed by Atoms – where you can buy movie tickets.
  • Saturn – that will allow students to share and compare classes.

This launch is made for users to be more engaged within the app and share their plans, habits and make Snapchat more than just an ephemeral messaging app. 

More than 229 million daily users will be amazed by the new functionalities that Snapchat will allow and use the app for different reasons.

Snap Minis are made for outside developers and businesses and this is a chance to glow. They are a win-win situation for both Snap and the businesses that want to be involved in this process and create a new type of content that will make users engaged with their product and, why not, gain a totally new audience that might not have heard about them.

This concept is a new one in the US and UK markets, but had a lot of traction in China, thanks to WeChat from Tencent, for example. 

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