Introducing Snap Games

Snapchat was launched eight years ago to make communication easier and to give it another dimension by sending quick snaps to friends and followers. 

But real life is much more than communication. It is also about the experiences you share with your beloved ones. This is why Snapchat has launched yesterday in-platform games. Because people who play together, stay together.

Snap Games – Ready, Set & Play

On the 4th of April, at the Snap Partner Summit in Los Angeles, Snapchat representatives announced the launch of different games within the platform. They will feel as if you were in the same room with your family and friends, playing a game whilst looking at the same screen. The feeling of playing together, even though the distance is separating you, will be somehow authentic. 

How Do You Play a Game in Snapchat?

In order to start playing a game with your family, friends or other followers, you must, of course, first, launch Snapchat.

The second step you have to do is to go to the chat section and there, in the chat bar, games will appear. You don’t have to install anything else on your phone, it is all there, within the platform.

There you can see friends that are available to play or friends you are already playing with, send them a chat or even talk to them through the live voice chat. 

What Games Are Available on Snapchat?

There are currently six games available to be played on Snapchat:

  1. Bitmoji Party – here you can compete with other seven friends at the same time in mini-games. You can also add other up to 24 friends to spectate the game and enter it when one of the seven leaves.
  2. Tiny Royale – in this game you and your friends will engage in a Battle Royale action.
  3. C.A.T.S. Drift Race you will race with your friends.
  4. Alpha Bear Hustle – you have to collaborate with your friends in forming words very fast in order to build a village.
  5. Snake Squad – here you will have to join forces with your friends to be the last ones standing.
  6. Zombie Rescue Squad – you and your friends will have to rescue people in a zombie-infected environment.

The games started already rolling, so start playing right away!

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