Small Businesses Prosper Using a Credit Card Processor

Driving sales, keeping things running smoothly, creating convenience for customers, and of course providing excellent products and services are all part of running a successful business. Choosing a reliable credit card processor for your business can help make day-to-day activities faster and easier allowing employees to focus on the business at hand. A full featured service streamlines financial transactions and provides the confidence of safe, reliable, well-organized transaction management. Online features add the conveniences of speed and the opportunity to serve a broader customer base-all without taking on more employees. Credit Card Processor

Anyone Can Open a Business 

One of the challenges facing many small business owners face is having an excellent product or service and not having the capital to open a full blown shop. Online credit card processing services allow a small business owner to open up shop online, reaching out to a world-wide customer base, with low operating expenses, allowing them to build capital. The same service can help an existing street-side business to expand to serve the online community – acquiring more customers without needing more space. Keeping operating costs low while gaining new business increases profits.

Mobility Matters

Mobility matters in a modern society. If your business is limited to a store front, or even a website, you risk losing business. There are many opportunities to make sales out-of-the-office. A mobile credit card processing service, provided through a smartphone app, brings your business to your customers. Having mobile credit card processing means you can hold a trunk sale, set up a booth at a farmer’s market or convention, and even process a sale while networking. An easy-to-use card reading app lets you swipe a card and get the transaction approved in seconds. When operating a growing business, it is important to offer customers options. All inclusive services such as those provided by the Shopify credit card processing service line, and other major card processing companies, make it easy to accept all major credit cards and debit cards. Accepting all major cards means that your business won’t lose sales; businesses that only accept cash or one or two types of cards risk losing 75 percent of potential business, according to a report by CNBC in 2014.
Business is lost when customers don’t have cash and turn to a competitor, who takes plastic, but it is also lost in terms of the amount customers are willing to spend in a cash-only store; they tend to make smaller purchases than they would in a business that accepts cards. To keep up in modern society, businesses need to offer modern conveniences.

Instant Results

Instant transaction approval is another helpful feature that adds to the prosperity of a small business. With instant approval, your business lessens its risk of losing money. Businesses used to face the risk of taking a customer’s card numbers on good faith and occasionally ending up with a rejected payment, therefore losing money and inventory.
Full featured service plans, like the Shopify credit card processing service package makes it easy to link your sales transactions with inventory records and customer information to streamline operations. Linking sales to inventory lists means you can easily track stock and shipping needs. Tracking stock and shipping needs helps businesses keep balance supply and demand while speeding up customer service.  By keeping track of customers’ information, you open the door to return business and obtain marketing venues. This allows you to inform customers of upcoming sales, new products and services, and other information related to your business. Credit card transaction processing is done online, giving business owners the freedom of accessing their sales information from anywhere and reducing paperwork-all with little to no equipment.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Customer service is the hallmark of a good business. Fast, safe, and accurate transactions increase customer satisfaction. Adding credit card processing to your small business’s arsenal of tools can provide the edge you need to improve and grow your business into a prosperous venture. Simply accepting plastic increases your potential customer base while also making it easier to increase total sales as customers are able to spend more when they are not limited to using cash. Online card processing capabilities increase the scope of your customer base, and provide the convenience of 24/7 service while allowing for remote access to your daily business transactions. Mobile app options allow business owners to enter the 21st Century by making it easy to process credit cards on a smartphone while on the go. Technological advances make card processing more cost-efficient and convenient as many systems require little to no equipment, don’t take weeks of training to teach employees how to operate the system, and cut down on paperwork and time spent managing cash flow. Credit card processing services offer many opportunities for businesses to grow and prosper while keeping up with the ever-changing world of marketing and sales.

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