SlideShare Partnered With Haiku Deck For Great Presentations


From now one you can create stunning presentations right from SlideShare, because they just partnered with Haiku Deck. Since when visual content become part of the viral mechanism, SlideShare tried to optimize the platform, in order to help users to create great presentation to support their ideas.


SlideShare Partnered With Haiku Deck For Great Presentations


This new tool offers you the possibility to:

 – choose a specific layout for your presentation

 – choose colours and backgrounds

–  select slide type. 

slideshare tool

By creating this partnership with Haiku Deck, SlideShare is trying to optimize vizual content for the network and also, it makes it easier to upload. It is very important to understand that a simple tool is not going to help you to create  stunning visual content, as long as you don’t know specific tips to use visual content in your advantage.


Here’s the top 5 tips to use visual content to emphasive your ideas


1. Don’t use too much text per slide – this is a very important aspect to take care of, especially if you have a presentation with lots of numbers, like a research report. People are image thinkers, that’s why you should use visual content to show your report numbers as visual as possible. Here, pie charts and schemes are a very good idea.

2. Don’t do a crowded presentation – because is going to look slappy. Create a balance between slides with visual content and slides with explanations (text).

3. Create specific slides to emphasize an idea – If you have a main idea you need to emphasize, try to talk about it in a separate slide, in order to be sure you treat the subject as good as possible. Make it visual and also powerful by meaning

4. Mention source – if you want to mention some numbers from a research report that is not made by you, don’t forget cu mention source – it is a right thing to do, in order to show respect for somebody else’s work. 

5. Make a double check to font dimension – there is another think that kills a presentation, especially in very large rooms and this is font dimension. This is a basic rule even if for images that have text, because the image can be awesome , but if the text is not big enough, it may ruine the whole point. 

By using these tips, you are ready to create your stunning presentation with Haiku Deck. All you have to do it just press the “Accept” button and click Edit – the rest is just awesome visual content. 

slideshare Haiku Deck

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What do you think about the fact that SlideShare partnered with Haiku Deck? Have you tried to use this tool? 


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