Shopping on Instagram Stories? Yes!

Instagram brings shopping to a next level, introducing shopping on Instagram Stories.
Instagram is not just a place where you look for inspiration. After adding a shopping tag to products that appear in posts around the feed, they are taking shopping through Instagram to a new level. This way, they are making Instagram a place for action, not just admiring.
This might not be a big change for the platform itself, but it might be a big step for the publishers that have already showcased products within the Stories.

How does it work?

If you see a story with a shopping tag you can tap on it to see more details about the product you are interested in. You will be redirected to the publisher’s website and you will be able to buy it if you wish.


What does this mean for the brands?

People go to Instagram for inspiration. They look for outfits or for the latest trends in both fashion and even gadgets. The number of users is increasing every day, so the number of Stories is also increasing. They have actually reached a number of more 300M.
Before introducing the new feature, people at Instagram have done a research in order to find out what users are looking on Instagram for. And they said they are looking for what’s useful for them, for the latest trends and to look for inspiration. They are also interested in how products look like and see what’s new from the brands they love.
The new feature will give brands new possibilities of showcasing their products and create attractive stories that will send users to their e-commerce website to buy whatever they are interested in. Or to convince them to buy their product.
We see it as a new challenge for advertisers and we hope they will embrace the new trend. At the moment, there are selected few brands, but it will be available for more in the near future. They also say that there is more to come in what shopping on Instagram is concerned. We’re excited to find more about this!
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