New Shoppable AR from Snapchat

Remember when we were telling you about the news the Snap Partner Summit will bring for the social network? There many and covering multiple fields. Some of them are already functioning since then, some are still in the testing mode and one has been recently released. And we’re going to talk about it in this article. 

Shoppable AR from Snapchat

It is not Snapchat that has first come up with the idea of using AR in their app. Remember IKEA gave you the possibility to decorate a room and then go an buy the products you have chosen or make a wishlist. Other make-up, clothing and homeware apps have done it as well.

But Snapchat is the first one to release an Shoppable AR lens that would let you try shoes and if they fit your style and your needs, to be able to buy them directly through the lens. 

This innovation has been made in partnership with Gucci. They will make available two pairs of shoes in two different lenses and give the users the possibility to virtually try them and then choose their favorites.

Shoppable AR from Snapchat - Gucci

It is not Snapchat’s first try of showing products in AR, but it is for the first time that users will be able to buy them directly from the lenses via a “Shop now” button.

Snapchat could be called pioneers of the new era of e-commerce if this feature will be a successful one and more other businesses might adopt it. 

During those times, when e-commerce has gained more and more traction all over the world, it was high time someone would come up with the idea of including AR in the shopping process and make it easier than it was before.

What do you think of the latest feature launched by Snapchat? Do you think it could be useful in other businesses than only shoes? Would you use it?

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