You Can Now Share Your Netflix Favorites in Instagram Stories

For some time now Facebook allows third-party apps to share content such as music, photos, videos to both Instagram and Facebook Stories. It was about time to have the same functionality for apps such as Netflix, which are well-known for users and make it easier to share your favorite show or movie with your followers.

How does it work?

First of all, the new feature is only available for iOS users only, coming soon for the Android ones as well.

So if you have an iOS device and the Netflix app installed, you are now able to share the shows and movies you liked or maybe disliked with your followers.

How to share your Netflix Favorites in Instagram Stories?

Just follow the next simple steps:

  • open the Netflix app on your device;
  • go to the specific show or movie you want to let your friends know about;
  • press the Share button;
  • you will see there all the share options available: WhatsApp, Messages, Instagram Stories, Messenger or copy link to send it some other preferred way;
  • if you tap on Instagram Stories, you will see a pop-up telling you to allow Netflix to open Instagram;
  • if you approve this action, you will be taken to Instagram Stories;
  • every piece of content has its own artwork;
  • you can edit your Story, just as you do with all the other ones you are posting: adding mentions, hashtags, GIFs, polls, questions or any other sticker you wish;
  • after personalizing it the way you want, you can share it with all your followers or just your close friends – as you wish.

The good part is that the feature works with all the types of content, not only the Netflix originals. 

This could be a good way for Netflix to encourage word of mouth about their content and allow users to give their opinion on what they watch without having to print screen it.

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