Finally You Can Share Your Memories on Instagram with Create Mode

You might know that Instagram has launched earlier this year a section called ”Memories” where you can see posts or stories that you have shared on the same date years before. 

If you don’t know about this option, then we will tell you how to find it: go to your profile —> tap on the hamburger menu on the top right —> tap on archive and then select what you want to see posts or stories, choose your favorite to share and let your friends know what you did in the past.

Why are we telling you this? Because Instagram is launching a new feature that is similar to Facebook’s “On this day”.

How “Share Your Memories on Instagram” will look like?

If you have updated your Instagram app today, you will be able to see a new mode alongside the normal photo, video, boomerang etc. It is called “Create” and has the several options you can add to your story, but many of them you can also find in the stickers tab that you can add to your story:

  • text;
  • GIF;
  • countdown;
  • chat sticker
  • on this day;
  • poll;
  • question with poll;
  • question with an open answer.

As most of the option might feel already familiar to you and you must have used at least one for sure until now, the novelty of the update is the “On this day feature”.

Here you will see either posts and stories you have shared over the years since you joined Instagram. To choose your favorite, you have to tap on the dice you see on the top of the screen. You can see there photos, videos, stories and even people you started following and followed you back on the exact day. How cool is this?

Of course, you can add all the available stickers when sharing memories on your Stories and personalize them as you wish.

How often will you use this – Share Your Memories on Instagram – feature?

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