New Ways to Share Music on Facebook

Some say that MySpace is back through Facebook. But why is this?
Yesterday, Facebook representatives announced an update for the Facebook app regarding the Stories: the possibility to add music to the photos or videos you share on your Facebook Stories. And they will be shared in the News Feed as well.

How do you share music on Facebook Story?

Go to the Facebook Story section, take a picture, add one from your library or record a video. After you’ve done this, tap on the sticker section and select Music. When you found the song that matches the Story, add it. Position it where you like most and, if you want, add more stickers or features to your Story, just as it was until now.

Music on Facebook Stories

Posted by Facebook on Monday, October 22, 2018

But this is not the only novelty related to music in the latest Facebook update.
They have also made changes to Lipsync Live and added lyrics to the feature. They have released Live lipsync to other countries around the world. And artists can now use the app because they have extended it to Pages as well. This way, Facebook gives more opportunities to artists to stay in touch with their communities.
Another feature added to Lipsync is the lyrics one. For now, few are available, but they will be adding more in the future. When starting a Lipsync live, lyrics will start rolling on the screen, so it will be easier for users to singalong their favorite songs.

Songs on your Facebook profile

A new feature that Facebook works on at the moment is the possibility to add songs to your Facebook profile. What does this mean? That you will be able to add your favorite music or a song you are currently listening to your profile.
The songs you are adding to your profile will appear right under your photo on the mobile app. What the other users will see are the names of the artist and song and if they hover the section, they will hear the song, see the album it belongs to and can add it to their profile or visit the artist’s page.

So we can very well say that music is conquering Facebook. But how will this influence the user experience? What do you think about this?
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