7 Most Outstanding Instagram Tools

best instagram tools

When it comes to brand engagement, Instagram is the reigning social network. It’s better at drawing people in than either Twitter or Facebook. A recent study found that Instagram averages an incredible 58 times better engagement per follower than Facebook. For Twitter, that figure is a whopping 120 times better. More than 55 million photos are shared on the site every day, which means lots of chances to interact with potential customers.
Little wonder, then, that so many Instagram tools have popped up pledging to help businesses better connect, better engage and better impress their audience. Many offer analytics that can help you more narrowly target your posts. Check out these seven outstanding options.

7 Most Outstanding Instagram Tools


1. IconoSquare

IconoSquare, formerly called Statigram, spits out fun and informative stats such as which photo got the most likes ever on your account and how many likes you’re averaging per picture. More advanced options include charting your account’s growth over the years.

2. Followgram

Want a more personalized Instagram tool? Followgram pledges to work with its customers to develop customized analytics. It also serves up a WordPress widget and RSS capabilities, helpful for smaller companies without their own IT department.

3. Instarchive

So what happens if Instagram goes down and you lose all your photos? You probably don’t want to find out. Use Instarchive to get a quick backup of your account. After you sign in, the tool will compile all of your photos into a folder and send them to you via a zip file.

4. Search Instagram

Search tools are a huge help for businesses that want to see what types of photos and posts do best in their target niche. The free Search Instagram allows you to search by location or hashtag for your chosen keyword, and then you can sort the answers according to relevance to your industry.

5. Ink361

Ever thought, “Gee, Instagram is great, but I’d really like to be able to manage my account on my phone?” Well, there’s an app for that. Ink361 gives you most, though not all, of Instagram’s capabilities on your desktop, including organizing your album and commenting on others’ posts.

6. Repost

Reposting someone else’s content is a smart way to engage followers, and Repost makes it easy to do. This tool lets you browse through other people’s Instagram photos and pick out the ones you’d like to repost onto your own feed. When you put it on your account, it retains the information from the original poster, giving them credit for the great picture.

7. Postso

Like Hootsuite or other scheduling tools, Postso allows you to schedule your Instagram posts so you’re not deluging your followers with 10 photos in a row of a certain event. By picking and choosing when the photos will go up, you are giving your feed consistent, timely content, rather than letting it go dormant when you haven’t taken a good picture lately. Plus, Postso has added options for other social networks as well, so you can manage them all from just one account.

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