SEO vs. PPC- A Breakdown No Online Business Can Afford To Miss!

Clients normally ask me this question: “Would the organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) be more appropriate for my business strategy or the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads?” My answer as always is: “It all depends on your goals.”
It frustrates them that the answer is not a simple “yes” or “no”.  However, I think it can never be, because the answer relies on what the objectives the company is trying to achieve.  And before we take it any further from here, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with what the difference is with SEO and PPC.  Below is a list of substantiations that you should familiarize yourself with regarding SEO and PPC.

SEO vs. PPC- A Breakdown No Online Business Can Afford To Miss


1. SEO vs. PPC: An Overview

SEO does many things for your website and the content. It optimizes it, therefore allowing the search for certain targeted keywords to be increased.  Normally this is done on the search engines that make the most impact, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  These search engines more or less analyze how everyone is interrelating with your website, for example; are they coming back? Are other websites being linked to the website? If so, why? The list goes on with relevant analytics.
However, PPC is completely about paying for a particular advertising opening only for certain targeted keywords that come on the search results pages. Nonetheless, when making a paid ad campaign, a lot of SEO is being used.
This shows that you can earn your presence with either paying for SEO or PPC.

2. Which Is A Better Option?

To tell the truth, it completely depends on your preferences for your business.  However, your web marketing strategy (especially the long-term) should definitely include SEO.  The main reason being, that it measurably leads towards more valuable traffic leads, which are relevant.
However, few people are aware of the fact that there are users out there that have subconsciously trained themselves to willfully ignore the search engine optimized results.  Nonetheless, there is supporting data that implies that visitors that come to your website through natural search are more true to what you are offering and will be showing genuine interest as well. If you rank at a high number for a keyword or phrase in Google, that gives the implication that you have significance in the industry and you are coming from a trustworthy informant.
Nevertheless, it would be foolish to think that SEO would be free – it always comes with a cost.  You will have to hire someone internally or outsource someone to manage your SEO strategy.

3. Why Shouldn’t You Overlook The Potency Of PPC?

Don’t you see the point of using PPC? Don’t write it off just yet. Believe it or not, PPC has quite a few benefits as opposed to organic searches. It all depends on how you set your campaign, the more correctly it is done, and you will see substantial returns on your investment.  It’s not about paying the most to have the numero uno ad spot because the search engine’s main concern is about returning the best results for what the user is searching for – not for the company that paying for the ads.
One other benefit of PPC is that it has the ability to advertise on other sites that drive large numbers of traffic.  These sites push or fit the images of the buyers. For example, if the user sees the ad on one search site and doesn’t do anything, it will automatically appear later on – on another site he goes to regularly.

The Bottom-line

The initial question was: “Would the organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) be more appropriate for my business strategy or the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads?”  And the answer still remains: “It all depends on your goals.”
PPC is great if you want to push the momentum of your business, through digital marketing to generate immediate traffic. In order to get the most out of PPC, it would prudent to get the right training and certification courses, such as Google Adwords or Google Analytics. These certifications are free for all businesses.  It would be wise to hire resources for PPC that has the experience and training, because when you stop using PPC, you also stop generating traffic.
SEO is also very important and it takes a time to build page authority and be able to systematically place the right search terms. There will be many ups and downs in the rankings, especially if the market you are in is extremely competitive. It gets easier once you know your industry inside and out, it gives you an edge.
However, don’t feel let down, because a long-term strategy for SEO’s will bring you in the lead. It will also make your page content better and assist with the PPC results. If it is done accurately, organic SEO and PPC both can get you the targets you are trying to achieve along with the being on the front page of search engines.
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