From Emoji to English – See What Snapchat Emojis Mean!

You might have seen them in your list of chats and you definitely asked yourself what’s with them. I’m talking about the Snapchat emojis of course, which at one point confused all users with their unknown purpose. These emojis track the activity and behaviors between users and the characteristics of your interactions determine the type of emoji that will appear in your list of chats.
In the beginning, Snapchat used to show who was best friends with whom, which unsurprisingly used to cause many issues among users. No one would like to see their best friend is best friends on Snapchat with someone else! (Not even if you’re a functional adult, admit it!)
A few years later, Snapchat decided to introduce what we now call the “Snapchat Emojis”. These little images appear next to friends in your friend’s list and change over time depending on how you keep in touch with that certain contact. As expected, if you stop communicating with one of your friends, you will lose all emojis earned in time.
The great part is that if you’re not fully happy with the emoji chosen to represent your relationship, you can change it with one more suitable:

  • Firstly, tap in the top right corner of your Profile screen and go to Settings
  • Go to  “Manage”
  • Tap “Friend Emojis”.
  • Choose the Emoji you want to change
  • Choose another Emoji and you’re set!



Check out the infographic below to see what Snapchat emojis mean!


There are two other types of Snapchat emojis you can see from time to time, in addition to the Friends Emojis we’re talking about. There is the emojis reserved for the verified accounts – which are personalities and stars. For example, Eva Longoria has a lipstick, DJ Khaled has a key, and Kim Kardashian a peach and Kylie Jenner a crown.
Snapchat has created a list of the verified accounts and the corresponding emojis to be easier for users to find their favorite celebrities on the app.
The other type of emoji is the zodiac sign which appears under your username and snapcode if you chose to add your birthdate to your account.
So, how are your snapping habits? How many days is your longest snap streak? I personally only managed to get to 100 consecutive days. Having no cell reception for a few days ruins streaks (happily, only streaks – not friendships!).
Let us know in the comments section below what’s your greatest Snapchat emoji achievement and whether you’d change one emoji with one of your choices!
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