Rule the market with terrific fusion of SEO and Social Media


The god of search engines has brought all the power together. Conversely, Google is also confirming that social signals purely influence the search results and the social media websites such as Bing and Facebook enters a direct partnership. In other words, it can be simply defined as a piece of content that receives an immense amount of Facebook likes, tweets and +1, which are responsible for improving the rank of specific search queries.
Additionally, social media content usually appears under the specific results. As an example, when you will search for “making of cupcakes”, you will get the results for a huge number of videos that may lie in top five results. Now, you will understand that why SEO and social media, both can make this happen.

Blending SEO and Social Media


Set targets for sales

Make a review of the effectiveness using the gap analysis just to improve the existing visitor levels getting attracted through various search marketing. It is also imperative to analyze the quality of traffic instead of volume, so that you can easily trace the conversion to sale or lead and evaluate the further investment.

Provide a link for your website to social media profiles

You need not to waste too much of your time and brain, but this is also not worth for ignoring. Linking all the social media profiles to your website can be the best way to convert casual shoppers to fans and followers. Just keep in mind that in order to see the SEO profits from social media inputs, you just need a good amount of audience so that you can share and consume your post. There is also a bonus tip that adds all the links back to the website from each of social profile so as to boost the website tremendously.

Engage Influencers

Allow the social media team to develop a strong relationship with different influencers in order to help the link building. Being a SEO, as strong relationship with the site owners and influential bloggers can really make the huge difference for the process of link building. There might be one or two exclusively strong links that can make the campaign more successful, but this will also aid to boost the sales by sending genuine leads to the website. If you have planned for three to six-month link building, your SEO team must provide the community manager a complete list of the key influencers so as to develop the rapport.

Implement a strong communication strategy

The very imperative step involves the development of optional calendar across each quarter in order to implement the specific content themes with which you have agreed. This will also include the editorial and detailed calendar. There are social listening tools that are really helpful in order to find the influencers with which the content can be seeded.

Add the content with social bookmarking websites

Allow your content to get the maximum exposure with a plethora of social bookmarking websites such as Stumbleupon, Digg,  Reddit that presents an opportunity for a new set of the users to analyze the work. This is an instant way to make the traffic back to the website and all other social channels so that the content can be shared at its most.

Analyze the theme for target keywords

Just do not get started with the detailed list of targeted keywords, instead just start with the shorter themes. These may be reflection to the custom concerns as they will search and share the content with which one is interested. For an example, just assume there is a mobile phone manufacturer then consumer search must include the phrases of different brands and type of phones including camera phones, selection criteria such as pricing, features and other latest models.

Apply SEO insights and vice-versa

An individual can learn a lot about the area of interest of the people by giving a dive into the pool of Google Analytics. One must analyze what all keywords are the most popular ones for driving the website traffic and thus, better identify the long-tail keywords which are high converters. Following this, one can create the content that will focus on the desired keywords so that more and more traffic can be availed.

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