7 Ways To Rebrand Your Business On Budget

Rebranding plays a very important role in rejuvenating your business and let it reach great heights. While a lot of literature is available on brand building, very little attention is paid to the different ways in which one can use rebranding for maximum benefits.

Small businesses cannot afford to spend too much in rebranding. Hence, they need to conduct this exercise on a tight budget. On the other hand, large businesses spend quite a considerable amount on rebranding simply because they can afford to do so. So given this differing scenario, the stakes are quite different according to the size of the company and the scale of the business.

This writeup deals with the different ways in which you can rebrand your business of a budget. Here we provide you with various strategies that will help you get the desired results in the minimum amount of time. This will definitely hold you in good stead for reducing the overall expenses that are incurred on rebranding.

Read on to find out the 7 ways to rebrand your business on budget. Use them effectively to give a whole new look and feel to your brand.

7 Ways To Rebrand Your Business On Budget

1. Analyze The Reasons That Justify Rebranding

There are many reasons that justify rebranding. However, you should be extremely careful when you conduct this exercise. This is because going for rebranding when the company is not ready for it can be detrimental to your business needs. Hence, for rebranding to be successful, you need to be sure that it is indeed necessary for the company to rebrand.

For this, you need to analyze the entire situation from all perspectives. There are many reasons that necessitate rebranding. Some of them are explained here. Most of the times, rebranding is done to give a new image to the company by getting rid of its old worn out look. It is also done when there are many new product launches and rebranding gives a fillip to these launches.

It also helps in damage control when a negative image has been created due to unforeseen circumstances. It can also come in handy when you want to tide over a situation of bankruptcy or even a breakage in the partnership status of the firm. In this way, you need to take adequate care of finding out the reasons that justify rebranding and ensure that the process goes on as smoothly as possible.

2. Find Out What The Company Needs To Change

Rebranding always involves certain changes that the company needs to make in its functioning. The best way to find out about what your employees feel is to conduct a poll asking them to state the changes that they would like to see in the company. Another way is to form a team of employees who will carry out the rebranding of the company in the smoothest possible way.

You can also ask for feedback from your clients who can give you valuable advice on what should be done in order to make the business more lucrative and profitable. Finally, you can engage a marketing team who will conduct extensive research using surveys that will help you get information on what exactly the customers are looking for when they are buying products from your company.

3. Outsource Work If You Can’t Do It Yourself

While it’s great if you can do everything, it isn’t practically possible for everybody to be an expert in each and every field. Hence, you need to hire experts in different fields for making your business grow and prosper. The most important among this is the field of graphic designing where the creativity of the company is showcased. There are also other areas where it is not possible for you to do all the work yourself. In this way, it makes sense to outsource such work to experts where you should not be wasting much time doing work that others are experts in.

4. Pay Attention To Competitors

You need to pay attention to your competitors as they will provide you with valuable signs of business strategies. All you need to do is just incorporate these tactics into your business model This is a case of perfect rebranding. If you get feedback that they are doing something wrong, then just correct the strategies and make it a part of your business plan.

You can even ask your friends and colleagues for advice. Even other business people can help you immensely in this regard. Another thing that you can do is take the help of trade memberships and associations that can help you get the best secrets that the industry has to offer. In this way, you can rebrand your business by just giving maximum attention to what your competitors are doing.

5. Redesign Your Logo

Many companies decide to redesign their logos as it gives them a much fresher look and feel. This exercise is mainly carried out when they feel that they need to modify their logos so that it suits contemporary times. While sometimes this move can be successful, sometimes it ends up as a failure as well. Hence, you need to analyze the situation objectively before you can make a proper decision on this important factor of your business.

For redesigning your logo, you could either hire a graphic designer or you could make the logo yourself. For helping you with this task, you can make use of a free logo maker. These logo makers are not only cheap but they are also effective. These logo makers are much more reliable and professional-looking than doing it yourself. Most of them provide you with readymade logos once you have filled a questionnaire telling them about your business. Others are customized sites that help you to design a logo for free. So all you need to do is hunt these sites down so that you can have the best logo in a jiffy!

If you only want to modify the current logo, all you need to do is follow the process given herein. First, scan the current logo and design and see of something is lacking in it or not. Then think of changes that can be incorporated into the new logo. Ask experts in the marketing field if the modifications are suitable. Then weigh out different design options before zeroing in on a particular logo. Finally, take an ultimate call about what you want to be changed and go ahead. Always remember that there is no chance of looking back once you have decided to change the logo, so take your time properly before you take this important step.

6. Use Visual References

People tend to respond to visual features more effectively than text. Hence, you can always make your brand visually appealing by making an image out of it. For example, a content writer can be associated with a typewriter. When people see the typewriter, they will know that the job is associated with writing. You can even visualize a writer’s job with a computer or a laptop. These are the modern forms of a typewriter. This example clearly shows that people like it if you give them visual references and you must also do the same.

7. Use The Right Branding Strategy

For doing any task, you need to use the right strategy and the right methods. There are many ways of rebranding your business on a budget but you must select only that strategy that best serves your business needs. This is because every business is different and responds differently to market changes. Hence, you need to ensure that you select the procedures from all those given above that best serves the interest of your precious business.


From the above, we see that there are many ways in which you can rebrand your business on a budget. All you need to do is analyze the one that best suits your needs and requirements and then select it for making your business grow and prosper.

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